AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 – dO thEy Sound diFferent?

– Hey, what's up guys Welcome back to TechSmartt for, what is Apple being classic Apple

This time twice in the same year Just announced are the brand new AirPods Pro And, if you don't remember, in 2019 Apple dropped the AirPods 2, or AirPods with wireless charging case, and a few extra perks So, broke pods And now, broke pods pro

(pneumatic whooshing) So yeah, guys This is Apple doing an accessory first They've never even done this with the Power Beats, or Beats by Dre line We have two pairs of AirPods in the same year Broke pods, and broke pods pro

The big difference is $50 The AirPods 2, or AirPods with wireless charging case, cost $199 compared to the AirPods Pro, at $249 And there's no physical changes in color Really the case looks a little different It would be nice if the AirPods Pro came in black, kinda to keep the whole Pro line up with Apple, in line

You know, like, Mac Pro, iMac Pro AirPods Pro in black? That'd be cool (air whooshing) So the AirPods We all get excited Apple wants you to get excited

This could be the stocking stuffer, and the holiday gift of the season, but that's up to you And let me know in the comments how you guys are feelin' about these Because here's the big deal with the AirPods Pro There's a few features You have active noise canceling

This new mode called Transparency Mode, which allows you to quickly click on the ambient noise around you? And it's all done from the shorter stem You're seein' it You're seein' it, and I'm seein' it New also, on the AirPods Pro, is the design There's no extra space, there's no bulk

This is the AirPod as defined and refined as it could possibly be About half the size, but if you look at the actual kinda ear tip, well now there's actually an ear tip And there's two extra sizes that come in the box, so you can really get that tight and nice seal you need to really make active noise canceling a thing that is worth $50 you're paying for Another thing, is on the AirPods Pro, there is kind of some more design changes So on the stem, with the regular AirPods 2, there is no mesh, well, there's a little bit of mesh

But not enough where you can feel a difference Now the AirPods Pro takes that up a whole notch There's a full on strip, so adaptive EQ comes on the Pro's And this is really nice, because not only are you getting active noise cancellation, ear tips for that perfect seal, but the Pro's can actually read your environment and fine tune what that sound is The big thing that I really didn't like about AirPods, and even the AirPods 2, was having these in on a long flight, or just listening to music for a while

They really start to get painful, and that's just not what you want So, with the Pro's, and them just being lighter, kinda less large, but having this ear tip, it just sits on almost the perimeter of your ear But has enough of a seal where it's just, it's just less irritable? And kinda similar with the whole AirPods line, and just any Apple accessory, the minute you connect with with Bluetooth, you can jump into the settings menu, and really just customize the AirPods Pro One of the new features, given that there are silicone tips to really get the personalized feel you're paying 50 extra dollars for, is the ear tip fit test So, by putting in the AirPods Pro in both ears, it plays a noise, and based on the seal of whatever silicone tip you chose, it'll let you know if you have the right fit, or if you wanna try something else

That's pretty cool Excited to see how long it takes me to lose these, because you have to pay $4 for the right silicone replacement, and I can only imagine Apple giving you just the one pair, not all three So, that's kind new with the AirPods Pro Other than that, it's pretty much the same (air whooshing) So on the AirPods, the fist gen and the second gen, they weren't water resistant, but of course, with the AirPods Pro, they have some sort of water resistance

Of course we'd have put this to the test, because while Apple's claiming an IPX4 rating, that's just basically sweat, if you're going to the gym, if you get a little bit of rain on it, you should be okay Did a water test, the extreme water test, it's right up there in the icard, or linked down below If you wanna see if these things really were waterproof when we went in a pool, because Apple typically underrates their claims And it's the crazy videos out there that put it to the test and see, are they lying, or is this something cool? Now everything between the AirPods 2, and the AirPods Pro seem pretty much the same Here's what they don't want you to know

When you go into settings, because you will You have Bluetooth paired, well, on the AirPods 2, you can double tap on the left or right AirPod, and you can actually customize Siri, next track, previous track, play, pause, do whastever you want But on the AirPods Pro, because of the four sensor, it's not as easy as the AirPod 2's, where you can just tap, and just know you're gonna make contact With the Pro's, you have to use your thumb, and index finger, kinda grip it, and you just keep it on the end And you just squeeze

It works So, it's a little bit of a learning curve Do they sound different? We're about to find out (air whooshing) Gonna test out three genres Got hip-hop, got some EDM, and I'm gonna try to find some country

And we're gonna start off with the AirPods 2 in my left ear, the AirPods Pro in my right ear That's not gonna change, but I'm gonna turn off active noise canceling, and transparency mode, so this is just natural This is just straight up Because with battery life, I know that was another thing you were wondering about Are they different? They're the exact same

But on the AirPods Pro, if you are using the active noise canceling, or noise canceling mode, it's gonna take your battery life down around 30 minutes So instead of 5 hours it's gonna be around four and a half And of course, if you pop 'em in the case, should be a full 24 hours All right Now the test

Here we go (faint music) Okay Apple I gotta give 'em a gold star They're not messin' around And if you did buy the AirPods 2, you can just breathe a sigh of relief You didn't get hoodwinked They sound the exact same, and they should

Nothing's really different in terms of construction It's just the modes So, Racks in the Middle sounds good Now let's turn on noise cancellation You can hear a difference

Of course it's based on the seal of your ear, and if you get the right tip But yeah, it sounds quieter, it sounds like a little more intimate The mid's and high's just sound balanced The bass is not as overpowering, but just Not an audiophile, but I can just say it sounds more balanced with the Pro's, as you would expect Verses on the AirPod 2's, it's just loud It's just really loud I don't mind it, you might not mind it

Let's go to EDM (air whooshing) Got some Gryffin and Maia Wright, Body Back Noise cancellation mode, just AirPods 2 being AirPods 2 Yeah, okay Here we go

When you listen to a genre like EDM, you can clearly hear the difference On the AirPods 2, versus the Pro's The Pro's are just the balance performer It is just the player It's there, it's showin' up to practice, it's the first one in, and the last one to leave

Now the AirPods 2, they're in and out You seriously hear the $50 difference Maybe it'll go more, the more Apple invests $100 difference, $200 difference? Okay, now let's throw it in transparency mode ♪ If you want my lovin' you got it ♪ AirPods Pro, if you want my love, you got my money

You got my wallet Don't even bring my wallet back to me All right, that's, no more Let's put some country on now Here we go

I'm just gonna literally throw on any country, just try to get the song in demo And here we are We got Ryan Hurd's, Platonic In the last one, from this one, it's exactly, exactly the same It's just more of a balanced sound when you have one of the modes enabled

Otherwise it's exactly like the AirPods 2 So if you own these, and you're perfectly happy with how they feel, and how they sound? Do not upgrade, at all But, maybe, if you wanna spend an extra $50, get what would be, not a baby crying on a plane, but actually the music you're listening to? Well, Apples now got an option And it's not that bad (air whooshing) So AirPods 2, or AirPods Pro, you let me know in the comments which you're going with this season

If you have 'em, or you wanna get 'em I seriously wanna know if this is the $50 decision you have to make, or you've just already made it That's gonna do it for this one If you guys are new, make sure you drop a like, and get subscribed We got a lot more AirPods Pro videos comin' up

So make sure you guys keep it locked, and I'll catch you guys next time

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