$99 Fake iPhone XR – How Bad Is It?

– Hey what's good guys Welcome back to TechSmartt for a special episode of 'How Bad Is It?' Basically, the show where you guys find out real devices versus fake devices

Because, let's face it, it's 2018, – The future's now – There's so many of your friends, people on Ebay, Craigslist, whatever They're trying to sell you a phone Chances are, you want a phone But what you don't know is the real phones from the fake phones, and that's why this was created

So if you guys haven't been following along, make sure you get subscribed, or just hit it up on Instagram It's just TechSmartt, so you guys stay in the loop, and you know what's coming out Obviously, the iPhone XR came out not too long ago, and that of course means, there's clones There's people that are trying to make a fake phone, try to pass it off And that's why we're here to find out, between both of these iPhone XR clones, which one's fake, and how bad is it

So unlike some past videos, and if you guys have missed those, they're right up there in the iCard, with the playlists, and I'll leave that link down below In this video, we're actually gonna go on DHgatecom, where basically, all the clones, all the fake phones, that's where you can find a lot of them So you're gonna see how much I bought it for, I'll leave a link down below, if you guys wanna pick it up It's not bad

No shame to the site I love DHgate, that's where I literally buy them first So, let's see what we can find So, iPhone XR clone So, that comes up with three, four, four results

Now, check this out Goophone, like slime, XR And boom So when you see some of these listings, some of them have minimum pieces, or like order quantities So, the top one here says $77 to $90, but a minimum order of four

I don't know if you want four phones, if you do, a little sketchy Let me know in the comments why you do Ooh this one's actually, this one looks good Goophone XR V2 There's already a version 2 of it

This phone just came out Here's what to expect Do you guys think we're gonna get that? Look's pretty good, $114 You can just pick a color We'll go with white

Options You can soup it up Okay, so that's just storage $109? $104? Or $99? It's time to find out, how bad a $99, fake iPhone XR, really is So, here we go

Here we have it You guys guessed right The one on my left, the white iPhone XR, is the fake phone (gasps) (gasps) (gasps) – Gasp – So, checking this out, you can kinda tell which phone has been through a war zone

It's crazy to say it, the phone literally shows up damaged, like this The box, all beaten It was bubble wrapped? I've been doing these video for a while, crazy to say, TechSmartt will be eight years old – So you just gon' bring me a birthday gift on my birthday, to my birthday party, on my birthday, with a birthday gift – Happy Birthday? – In just a few weeks, but, I don't know why the box always gets like this

So, the red eye from XR is obviously real You can tell when you stack the boxes up side-by-side A real iPhone XR box, is slightly larger On the back though, is of course where you can tell If you ever see a box that's blank, it's a fake, get out of there

That's just sketchy It should say the capacity It should tell you, obviously, what it includes The type of phone, how large it is, the color Really, all there is left to do is just jump into each box

So, I've done an iPhone XR unboxing before With ASMR, if you guys wanna stab, right up there in the iCard That was so much fun The craziest 30 minutes you'll ever hear in your life We get our fake pamphlet

It's like maybe there's a huge market that I don't know about, of people that just love to use clones I'm honestly about it You guys let me know Let me know in the comments if you want me to try out a clone, for like a month See how it really is and what the experience is like

Cause yeah, we knock it But don't really knock it unless you've tried it, right? So, the phone doesn't come with a screen protector Okay, it does But there's a plastic bag Obviously, you have the most sketchy, USB brick

Ooh, these actually look legit Over the years, the lightning (laughing) ear pods, have always been– (ear pods rattle) You hear how hollow that is? It's not cause it's clinking against this I take it back – I immediately regret this decision – And then, a lightning cable

So, that's what you get on the fake phone Let's see what comes on a real iPhone XR So at the top, you'll see design by Apple in California You should get four pieces of paper And then, obviously, you get the phone with that classic screen protector

There's that tab (plastic crunching) Pretty good looking phone The iPhone XR is my favorite phone right now Still swearin' by it Gotta few of them

You guys know, there's been a ton of giveaways on Instagram It's just TechSmartt Obviously, the lightning ear pods, different case, not in a plastic tin But something more paper Lightning cable, and then, also a two-toned Apple brick

But, no more sticker So, this is what you can look for in a real iPhone X box So, when you pick both phones up, just look at the finish One has a really polished, shiny effect The other, obviously is anodized aluminum

Kinda interesting And then, lightning ports at the bottom, you can see the speaker cut-outs, power button, on Ooh, so check this out Where your power button is, and this is a dead giveaway, this is exactly what we look for With the power button, it's in the same spot as always

Right? It's a repurposed device I guarantee this is an iPhone X, somewhere in a past life It's a larger lens on the fake phone, than on the real deal It's got a Two Tone flash that you can really see compared to the real XR And with the volume buttons, let's see

The mute switch is just lopsided Only thing left to do is to turn these guys on Weight feels about the same I'm starting to notice a trend with these fake phones Once you go ahead and turn it on once, or charge it up once, doesn't typically like to charge after

– Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? – So, this is crazy This is actually a world's first for 'How Bad Is It?' I've been trying to charge the fake iPhone XR for the last 10 minutes I'm gonna pull it off the charger, and try to power it on It says it is wireless charging

But, I don't think that means a whole lot When the normal way of charging through the lightning port, isn't even working So, maybe that will boot it into, like a, developer mode It's not looking good So, I don't wanna say I jinxed myself

But, I actually ordered the yellow iPhone XR, Just as a back-up So now we wait So, finally it is here The second fake iPhone XR This time, for $112

So, on my right, is the real iPhone XR Then on my left, is the $112 one Let's quickly unbox this thing We already did it once, let's see what's different the second time So, right smack dab in the middle, we get one piece of paper

That's gotta be an all-time-low ♪ I've got your picture ♪ Alright We get to learn how to use fake Face ID That's solid Alright, and then here is the fake iPhone XR

Interesting Gotta love the Olympic symbol That just says, hey Nothings wrong here – Nothing to see here

– We got the ear pods, lightning cable Now let's see about this Apple brick Looks a little less sketchy There's no dot So, pretty convincing on the accessories side

But that's really easy to master What you're here for, is the iPhone XR That's actually not super bad This is hard to tell Your True Tone flash, looks a little bit more flush

If you guys couldn't have guessed, this is the real one The left one is the fake one That'll stay consistent throughout the rest of the video Just so you guys, don't really have to pay attention too much Let's face it

You're here, because you wanna see a fake phone power on Ooh, so let's swipe up It's got a little bit of a lag there, not too bad So just looking at the two phones, the one on the right has a glass screen protector, installed from Apple Really similar, if I'm just looking at it from weight

It would be hard to tell, and just looking at the volume buttons here Pretty tough Pretty close, this is definitely one of the better fakes, that I've personally seen Both take lightning, so, speaker grills look really good, power button looks really good, back looks, really good From a camera side, I mean, we immediately gotta jump in and test this out

They nailed four out of the five at the top There is no HDR toggle Time-lapse, slo-mo On Apple's, you can't really see all of them from at a glance, but, I'm guessing they just cannot do that Or maybe it'll show up on the third version

You guys never know Drop a like if you guys want me to stay with the fake phones and keep this 'How Bad Is It?' series going So let's take a photo Not the worst looking image Can I toggle exposure? No

So, the sun comes up You guys know that trick, if you don't, try it out You just tap the screen, and you can actually slide your finger down And that'll control the exposure on it Can I zoom? No

Zoom is one, two x So, that's definitely something to keep in mind The iPhone XR does not have a variable zoom That's why it only has one camera I gotta try out this front facing camera

So, on the fake one first (shutter clicking) Then on the real one Honestly, not bad, with how responsive, the fake one is Some of these phones, they take forever to load up But this one's actually, semi-fast

I wouldn't call it a daily driver material But, I wouldn't call it the worst fake phone for $112 And believe me, I've seen a lot (laughing) I've seen all the phones, and the worst, and the ones that don't even turn on – I'm not mad

– You can tell there's a thick bezel at the bottom, versus obviously, on the iPhone XR They got it pretty much figured out LCD versus I'm guessing what's LCD Not super bad Another thing to look for, whether it's an Ebay, or a Craigslist deal, always check the settings

And if it's on Ebay or an online site, get them to send you photos of it Because you when you look at both these devices, you can definitely tell, there are some typos So, on the fake phone, here If you look just a little close, you'll see it says Apple ID, iCound So, iCound is a thing? App Store is spelled right

Just really look at the spelling Jumping into Face ID on a normal phone, you'll have to do your passcode, and then once you're in there, it shouldn't say any symbol in the middle Don't really know what that's about But I'm gonna hit add a face This is what the screen says on a fake phone

It should have little notches around the outside, and really outer edges So, lemme see how accurate this one is So you just hold it up to your face, and it just loaded all the way up to 100% So this what real Face ID will look like You'll see these notches

So now that Face ID is set-up on the fake phone, and the real phone Let's see which unlocks faster Not bad The fake phone, surprisingly found it Let me cover up the camera on the front, and see

It's immediately asking me for my passcode That means it knows But, like right there, it's not finding it Like, no shot at all And then, when I really hold it up to my face, it finds it

So that's obviously something to look for If it takes more than one try to get your phone with your face, chances are it's probably a fake (bird chirping) So, finally, we're gonna listen to a song on Spotify and YouTube, and where it kinda got weird is, on the App Store So, it's not like your traditional App Store, that's one thing you should definitely look for Just hop right on in

If that's the one thing you can check out, and you only have 10 seconds before that guy's gotta head outta Starbucks – Gotta blast! – Look for the App Store Because what you see here, is not like the regular App Store, where you have Apps, Categories, everything just looks kinda normal On here, it's got Boutique, Download Most, Popular Most, and at the top is the Play Store So, I was not able to find another Play Store App anywhere on this device, not on the Home Screen, or anything like that

So this is kinda the back-end way into the Play Store And then, when you go, like for example I wanna download Spotify It just doesn't really download So, the only Apps you have an option to check out are ones that are pre-installed on Android If I wanna go check out YouTube, I can hit open

And then, it takes me to the YouTube App So I'm basically having to go outside, to go inside And honestly, I'm just not living la vida loca ♪ Upside, inside out ♪ And now, it says open? This fake phone is full of mysteries, in this video too So, is it an App on my Home Screen? It is

That took, really long to generate just an App I wanna know what it looks like Okay, so that took way longer than I thought, as always Basically, I had to go create a fresh Spotify account on the App, because it wasn't accepting my real login info So you know something sketchy's going on

And, since it's a free account, I can't actually see the playlist So, if you guys wanted to check it out, PBJams playlist Link down below Updated every single Thursday night For your Friday experience

So, let's check this out and see how good the speakers are Here is, Alone ("Alone" by Alan Walker) Is it clipping the speaker? Doesn't sound that bad Until, I hear it on a real iPhone XR ("Alone" by Alan Walker) Definitely louder

This one's not bad So, there's no crackling Sounds way better, you've hear it from AV So, that's definitely something to look for, just the speaker quality, and then let's just check out YouTube I mean, to go to YouTube, we have to go the Play Store

Alright, so we're going to YouTube, to update I think a YouTube App, might just pop-up So, it's finally all coming together now Here's what to look for, if you might be suspecting your iPhone XR, is fake Well, next to Spotify, we have our Videos tab

What's in there, right? Well that's YouTube So, they're trying to get clever and hide it a little bit I'm just gonna search up TechSmartt, I wanna watch a Wish video If you guys missed out, the new Wish Busters season just dropped No way

Episode one is right up there in the iCard, or linked down below Let's see how this looks (chattering from videos) Doesn't look bad Oh Ooh

I actually am surprised And obviously because YouTube, the App, is playing the video You're gonna get a higher quality video And it is kinda hard to tell which is the real phone, and which is the fake phone Because both of these devices have LCDs, instead of OLEDs

So, this one's the fake one, this one's the real one This was the closest test yet And honestly, the best one I have done on a fake phone Not bad, for $112 So that's it for this video

If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like and get subscribed by hitting that circle button, right down there Make sure you guys follow on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt And check out these two videos right after this, including the 'How Bad Is It?' playlist See you guys next time

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