$80 FAKE AirPods Pro – How Bad Is It?

– Hey what's up guys, welcome back to Tech Smart for another episode of 'How Bad Is it?' the show where we check out a real and a fake pair So for $80, how bad could it be? So yeah guys, if you are new to 'How Bad Is it?' make sure you get subscribed, check out the I-card right up there with all the videos

One just dropped on a fake iPhone 11 Pro that's $135, but that's not in this one, this one's all about the AirPods Pro So right in front of me I have 2 boxes and as usual, you guys have to guess up in the I-Card We're gonna call this box number one, box number 2 Ev, which one do you think is real and fake? Save it! Vote up in the I-Card If you guys guessed it right, let me know in the comments

Here we are, a box that cost $80, a box that cost $249, I just gave it away So let's actually find out how bad could the i500 TWS really be That's what we're calling them, that's the official name If you wanna check it out: link in the description And before any more of the video, a quick message from our sponsor: Have you heard about Raid: Shadow Legends? Not only is Raid: Shadow Legends a turn-based RPG, it's more than that

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And this whole series is predicated on you, oh yeah you, you're on eBay, it might be craigslist, you're looking for a local hookup Well this local hookup could come with some strings attached so, you wanna make sure you know exactly what could be out there if you are buying a "brand-new" used pair of AirPods Pro you don't want any strings attached, you want exactly what you're buying So that's what do, we're popping the top For $80 I can just say we're not there with the box logo yet so that'll come in time If you google these, these are called the i500 TWS

If you remember the whole AirPods trilogy, there were so many videos where it was the i13s and the i12s Then we went up a few numbers, back a few numbers Then they worked with your iPhone if you opened it up The long and the short is: these are the top notch knock-off or fake AirPods Pro This is all you need to watch and really buy if you don't really want to go get the $250 pair that you see right here So, let's open up the box on the fake one

And one day, just one day- Like, what is? It's not even the right back One day they'll get it right Just a quick little box-swap, get a few images on there I promise you, I promise you, a pair like this will show up These are the i500 TWS

But you know what the real AirPods Pro look like, because, well you've seen probably the water test video, these are actually secretly water-proof If you missed that one, right up there in the I-Card These could be the stocking-stuffer if you're a broke boy like me For the rest of this video: the fake AirPods Pro are gonna be on my right, your left, and the real ones are gonna be on my left, your right Just so you know, these are both white cases

I'm sure there's gonna be accessories, some stuff on wish Make sure you get subscribed if you want me to maybe buy all the AirPods Pro on wish That could happen You guys heard it, I called it first So, let's see what the differences are before we actually do a sound test

Opening up the fake ones here, interesting, I can just tell right off the eartips they don't look as high quality or have that Apple white that you know if you ever had an iPod growing up The real ones here, I'm gonna hold this one then this one You can see instantly when you pull it out of the case, just blinked blue It's basically how you know there's a battery in these, or they're ready to pair So, in terms of shape and appearance, the only thing you're not really getting is the same perforated ear holes

Well, on the real ones, because the fake ones, they're kinda like the AirPods 2, or the ones with wireless charging where you'll see what I mean in a second, but even on the back you're not getting the adaptive EQ It's just flat, it's basically a sensor So other than that, you got all the sensors to really pull off the look You have these in your ear, no one's gonna know that these are fakes Basically all AirPods these days just look like AirPods

You're not ear-checking people This is not the Yeezy Busta So, there are dual-beam forming microphones on the real AirPods Pro kinda carried over from the AirPods 2 so you're not missing out if you have the 2s, but you don't have the Pros But with the fakes, you can see kind of a cut out at the bottom for the microphone So on the real ones here: flush

On the fake ones I'm really interested to see what these sound like, and how force- force sensor works? Now with the actual AirPod Pros, another quick and easy way is just by taking off the eartip On Apple's, the real one on the left here, you can see the black speaker on the AirPod Pro here Versus on the fake one, which, is blinking blue If anything's blinking blue, it's not real

It doesn't have it, it just kinda has a speaker cut out with a silicone eartip There's not extra eartips in the box Charges via lightning at the bottom, there's not an included cable Button on the back to obviously pair 'em And then the hinges: In the real ones, it's much firmer

On the fake ones, (loud clicking) Yeah, it feels solid Now let's go ahead and pair these I got my iPhone 11 Pro Max on the left, and then the iPhone 11, two separate Spotifys So let's see, this works when the real ones are open Keaton's AirPods Pros #3 Not your AirPods Pro yet, So, obviously this is gonna work on the real ones

We'll put this in my ear Let's hope I don't lose a third pair by this video Active noise canceling, well it's not triggered, it's off I can hear myself, which is one of the nice perks you have But we'll see if that's included with the fake AirPods Pro

Hold the button down in the back It just pops up saying AirPods Pro They pop up real quick 'Temporarily share audio' So, I think there might be audio share with this? I kinda wanna hit temporarily share audio, see if they really sound that bad

What are we doing with an iPhone 11 here? Let's use what one of the main features is with the AirPods Pro Okay, not sharing So, let's pop open Spotify AirPods Pro, both are connected, you can actually see battery life on the knockoffs Finally, I'm kind of a quick control setter

That's awesome On the audio setting you can see how much the knockoff case, the i500 TWS, has in battery remaining, and you can actually see how much is left on the actual AirPod Pro that's in your ear That's a huge improvement, that's a massive step up from what we were seeing on kind of the AirPod 2s knockoffs So, let's see if 'Text Me' by Lil Peep sounds good This doesn't work, I'm only hearing it out of the real one

It sounds like- I know how this sounds Share the audio now Maybe this will work for you if you buys these, let me know if this actually does work But, now let's actually pair these to the phone that we need to do this test on Jeez, what a tease

So now that you basically know everything that there is to know about real and fake AirPods Pro, let's connect these, see what's up with Bluetooth, and see if there's any of those new features like active noise-canceling, well, anything else, like transparency mode, you know what's good if you've seen any of the real AirPods Pro videos So, Keaton's AirPods Pro #3, let's hope I don't lose these by the end of the video But that could mean I'm jumping on the broke-pod train, which isn't bad, but it might sound bad, and they might be bad So just keep watching Let's try to connect

They pop up right there, AirPods Pro Beeps once, you can see that it's connected Now jumping into settings, let's see what Bluetooth's saying AirPods Pro So there are no Bluetooth customization settings, and that's to be expected, these are fake But obviously on the real ones that's a quick and easy, guaranteed test to know what you're buying's real

Cause you should see noise-cancellation, transparency mode be able to toggle them off, and, If they don't work while you're switching in-between them, then they're probably not working real AirPods Pro Ev? Do I look different? Or do these look exactly the same? Could you tell the difference? Fake versus real Ev can't tell, vote up in the I-Card! We'll make it quick and easy, I think you would be fooled if you saw someone just quickly unless they're blinking blue, which they don't once they're connected Pretty fool-proof Now the biggest test of them all, how do the fake AirPods Pro sound? Now, we've got a few different genres queued up

Oh I played it at the same time All right, how's the volume? All right, max on the fakes, max on the reals Of course, max on the real ones: super balanced, you can hear bass It's just less trebly

And on the fake ones, it's kinda getting a little tin-cany at 100% If you go, okay 75% is a little more tolerable I'd say past that it becomes ear piercing All right, now let's see the test Yeah these sound barely worth $80

I hope these come on sale soon I think rap and maybe a little hip-hop might give us what we're looking for if these just sound like trash But I think at a cheaper price, at some point, these are not only fooling your friends, but they're decent Bluetooth headphones- oh, earbuds Airbuds All right, I've heard enough of this

I've heard enough For genre #2 we've got a little bit of hip hop, with the Game and Trippie Redd's Immortal Both at like 75% volume I started the fake ones a little early, so we get to hear that first Totally, bass does not show up

That's why we do the tests, the three genre tests! Comment down below what songs you're bumping this time of year Yeah, bass just sounds horrible It sounds like a wet towel being thrown around on a sidewalk Yeah, it's basically not, it's a locker room You're listening to a locker room It shouldn't sound weird at 75% volume

You know what that means, genre #3, we're going even quieter For our last genre, we're going a little house We've got DVBBS and Dante Leon, Angel All right, we're taking it down to like 40% volume Not bad, it's wireless You're still getting your Bluetooth jazz

But do not be paying more than $80 for a pair of fakes I don't even wanna hear the hook, and I love the hook on this song If I had to give it a one out of five, I'm giving 'em a three and a half We're coming up with new scores for this 'How Bad Is It?' I'd say it's worth $80 So you guys, that's it for this episode of 'How Bad Is It?' If you guys made it to the end, make sure to drop a like and get subscribed if you guys wanna see some more

And we'll catch you guys in the next times The next times

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