5 Black Friday Deals I Actually Bought

– Hey, what's good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a really exciting video Unlike most Black Friday videos, which happen after the fact or literally the day before, this is my top five Black Friday deals

Top five Black Friday deals, actually, and this is all the stuff that I actually really wanted to pick up, couldn't wait You can actually grab it for a steal Some of this stuff just came out, and I'll leave it all linked down below But quick merch update: The TechSmartt merch is finally out for the holiday season only It's not gonna be around in 2019

So, if you wanna check that out, link down below as well It's a really exciting time A lotta holiday deals are about to happen Everything's gonna be poppin' So, just make sure you hit it up on Twitter

It's just @TechSmartt I'll keep you guys filled in with what deals I'm picking up, what stuff is good, because there is a lot in 2018 A lot's happened There's been so much tech So, definitely vote up in the i-card which is your favorite Black Friday deal from this video and let me know in the comments if there's anything that I should be looking for or on Twitter, it's just @TechSmartt

So, here it is, my top five Black Friday deals I gotta start with the one you guys can see It is amazing Let me know in the comments and definitely drop this video a like if you guys want me to start up a gaming channel I am about to

Red Dead Redemption II with the PS4 Pro Bundle It's a good deal So, for $399, and links below if you guys wanna check out anything in this video, you get Red Dead Redemption II for free It's an amazing game I've never spent so much time in a week playing a game

It's made by Rockstar, so it's basically Grand Theft Auto in the Wild Wild West Arthur Morgan, you guys know If you have checked it out or watched any videos, seriously let me know in the comments (upbeat neo soul music) And some of you guys might have an Xbox One or a PS4 already, but what's awesome about the pro models of both of the consoles is the upgraded specs I mean, with the PS4 Pro, the battery's always inside, so there's no dongles

You just plug it in and you're set One terabyte of storage, so all the games, everything you want, it's great And 4K compatibility is just a game-changer I mean, with the PS5, you guys know it's gonna be standard But for right now, $399, it's an amazing deal

And this game, don't even get me started If you haven't played it, get this; you're gonna love it And another thing, I've always been an Xbox One guy That's just what I grew up with Had an Xbox 360, so the Xbox One made total sense

That's what all my friends had, so that's what I was playing on But what's sweet about the PS4 Pro and what I really like about the controller is it feels more than just a gaming console I see myself watching a lotta Hulu and Netflix, which I didn't really do with the Xbox One or even the Xbox One X So, I'm really loving the Pro, Red Dead with it; it's so good You guys know there's gonna be a ton of deals on this

Another amazing deal are the Sony 1000XM2s So, normally these go for $349 They're basically Sony's top of the line noise-canceling headphones They're also wireless, so link down below It's on Best Buy going for $249

So, I've heard amazing things about these This is my first time actually checking it out I've been watching videos on all this stuff like crazy 'cause I wanna make sure for Black Friday I'm actually getting stuff I like That's always a big thing You buy stuff you don't actually use

This is something I'm going to use So, it's got Bluetooth 41, and what's sweet is it has Google Assistant compatibility You know, there's nothing therapeutic about this unbox But what there is

Ooh! All right, got some cables in here Micro-USB to charge it, I'm guessing Oh, I love it! There's a headphone cord

You don't see the aux port on every pair of wireless headphones these days, Ev Trust me, my Bose QC 35s don't have 'em Whoa! All right, all right, all right It is exactly what it looks like in the picture 40-millimeter drivers

I kinda like this leather That was one thing I was interested in of how tacky would it feel, but it feels pretty much genuine So, let's power these things on (robotic chirping) Ev, you heard that? I heard that Little LED indicator at the bottom

Oh wow, these are way better than the Bose QC 35s Ev, these are night and day more comfortable They go around the ear, so more of like an over-ear fit, and that's why I wanted to pick 'em up And for $249, they're an absolute steal So, let's get these things paired

Let's listen to a bit of the PBJams playlist If you guys wanna check it out, it's a playlist I update every week Link in the description Make sure you follow the Twitter It's just @PBJ

Ooh, and I've been loving Drake recently, old Drake New Drake's great Old Drake's amazing Let me know in the comments your top five albums too, or just tweet me That was the question I asked this week is what are your top five albums

But, how do these sound? Mids are amazing, vocals are as you'd expect Amazing on wireless headphones ♪ Done sayin' I'm done playin' ♪ Ooh Ooh! These are good! I'm never going back to my Bose These

Maybe I'll go back to the Bose You guys check these out Let me know on Instagram It's just @TechSmartt I really wanna know

I'm trying to find the best headphones for this year If you guys missed that Wish video where I checked out all the headphones on there, it's right up there in the i-card I think I'm shouting Ooh, those sound fire So, these are a total cop

I think these are the best Bluetooth headphones you could really buy right now for the money Really comfortable, look really professional So, something awesome about the M2s is this touch-sensitive pad So, obviously, play/pause When you find a good pair of headphones, you don't wanna take 'em off

That's exactly what's going on here So comfy I know instantly if my ears are just gonna hate this after a few hours Not the case Woo! Go get these

And, of course, if you wanna make 'em wired headphones, headphone jack at the bottom, charge port Micro-USB It's basic, it's wireless headphones It's not rocket science I wish Bluetooth 50 was on these

Probably on the M3s, the next version But Bluetooth 41, it'll get the job done So, you guys can tell everything in this video is stuff that I've obviously really wanted, stuff that you guys should check out, and another one is the Google Home Hub This thing's amazing and it started off at $150, but right now it's going for $99, so jump on that

And, basically, this brings Google Home, at least for me, in the kitchen So, there's a seven-inch screen, really killer speakers I saw this at the Google Pixel 3 event and didn't get a chance to check one out until now Check this out, oh yeah Look at that speaker on the back

I love the fabric here Just blends into any room you put it in It's not trying to be larger than it is, and that's sweet So, obviously, charge cord here, cable, the getting started That's why you're watching this

So, what's really awesome about Hub is if you're integrated into the Google Home ecosystem, this is gonna make you feel right at home, literally, 'cause it's called Google Home But no joke, I like it It's small enough where the speaker kinda just blends into the back The seven-inch touchscreen, it doesn't look that bad I mean, if it's in a kitchen or wherever you put this, let me know in the comments where you guys would too

There's a lot I'll be in the comments after this video basically responding for about a day So, seriously, check it out down there Camera, I mean, it's basically a Google tablet with a speaker So, you can control basically all your home if you have that integrated in

So, thermostats if you have a Nest, you're set there, media And you can hook this up to your YouTube account You can watch highlights, shows It's gonna be sweet to kinda see where the YouTube algorithm recommends content to you in the kitchen I mean, that's just a game-changer if you're like me and you like to make videos

So, hey Google, what's the weather like today – [Google Home] Today, it'll be partly cloudy, with a forecasted high of 72 and a low of 51 – Not bad, pretty high-quality display I mean, it looks a little different from the overhead And then, to get rid of it, you just swipe to the left

So, it's really helpful I mean, it's just a quick look For $99, you can't really go wrong This is the Google Home of the future No more just a speaker

Now you have a tablet and a speaker, and I love it So, if you're not in the Google Home ecosystem, the Echo Dot is totally for you So, typically, these go for $50 But right now for $24, the link down below, you guys know where it is, you can get one of these, which basically hops onto any speaker you have It's really that smart home solution that makes anything smart

And for $24, you can't really go wrong Now you don't have an excuse anymore not to make your home smart Even if you don't wanna go the Amazon route, it's pretty sweet and it's kinda hard not to And I like it I mean, I've used the Echo Dot before

I have, obviously, an Amazon Echo, I have the Echo Show, which, I mean, if you didn't like the Google Home Hub but you do like the whole Amazon platform, check out the Echo Show There's also deals for that too I'll leave that one linked down below too This is the Echo Dot So, as you can tell, Micro-USB, headphone jack at the back

And then, to power this guy on, it's Micro-USB So, it's pretty simple It's pretty discrete, and I think that's the coolest thing about this: it's discrete So, speaker It's rad, Ev

It makes any speaker smart It's that simple So, if you have a big speaker like me, like a Jawbone JAMBOX, and you kinda wanna make that cooler and kinda more connected, this is perfect for you And for $24, just grab it So, this is the LG Sound Bar two-in-one

Why it's awesome is it has 300 watts of power and it's $100 off So, normally, this goes for $279, but right now it's $179 And what's awesome, Ev, you ready for this? My dad is gonna love this And when he sees this video, it's a surprise revealed It's a wireless subwoofer and it connects to Bluetooth, so what more do you want? You put it under your TV and that's that extra option

If you don't have a Bluetooth-supported TV, there are some, they're out there, but this is gonna take care of all the audio needs you need It's for a pretty good price too I'm shipping this home That's why I'm not unboxing it, but I approve It's sweet

I heard it at Best Buy It sounds really good So, that's it for this video Definitely make sure you guys vote up there in the i-card with your favorite Black Friday deal from this I'm gonna have to say the headphones

They're the best thing in this and you guys definitely have to check 'em out Make sure you click that subscribe button if you guys are new, and definitely check out two other videos right after this over there And I'll see you guys next time Buh-bye!

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