5 AirPods Pro Tricks You Should Know

– Hey, what's up, guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for a video you need to see whether you own a pair of AirPods or you just picked up the brand new AirPods Pro, here are five tricks you need to know Up first and this is one of the big new features on the AirPods Pro, there's actually software to see if they're fitting in your ear with the best seal or if you should try some of the included ear tips

Kind of cool, right? The only real thing about this test is you don't have to study So how you enable it is you go into settings and then you're going to scroll on down to Bluetooth, so many pairs of AirPods here I'm gonna go and throw the right one in, the left one in, and this is known as the ear tip fit test The ETFP, what, how did I get a P in there? ETFT, ear tip fit test Here we go, and once you scroll down find your AirPods Pro

You're gonna see this kind of menu and whether you've seen this or you haven't yet, this is where all the good stuff is And then right down here is ear tip fit test You're gonna hit that and basically it's gonna play a noise and be able to measure the depth of your ear canal and see how good beat your tip you chose I mean, if it's not a good ear tip, right, you're gonna have to use the ones included Luckily it says I have a good seal, these are just a normal ones right out of the box

If you didn't know with the AirPods Pro there are included ear tips for the first time ever Now, if you lose 'em it's four dollars and I think you get six new ones Don't quote me on that But make sure you get the right seal Now for tip number two and it's how the AirPods 2 have more of the touch to control feature just by double tapping you enable Siri, going back, going forward on a song, whatever you want to do

And then on the AirPods Pro you can just look at the form factor in comparison to the AirPods 2 and see, well, there's this kind of groove here And when it's in your ear you put your index and thumb on the groove and by clicking that once you'll play pause, twice, going forward, three times you go backwards You kind of get it, I mean, it's not anything revolutionary It's kind of like a button, almost feels like there's a vibration but there's not It's like the old Apple iPod earbuds

If you remember that same type of clicky feel The force sensors here, the force is with us Now this is almost the best for last but don't worry there's two left Tip and trick three is one Apple's calling a new feature on the AirPods Pro called Share Audio and all you really have to do is, well, when ones in your ear and you swipe down on the control center and then you'll see a button that says share audio So that's the big deal, all you need is another pair of AirPods that you have connected to the phone

So I'm gonna hit share audio, open the AirPods 2s up I'll just do the left one Hit Share Audio, that does work If one day you just lose one of your AirPods don't worry, you can, well, I don't know how long-term this is but there's now a solution or just every movie gets better with whomever you want to share with and maybe album listening parties so this one has to do with control center where you pull down and you can quickly access noise cancellation mode or transparency mode just by long-pressing on where the volume would normally be if the AirPods Pro weren't connected So you have your three options here, right now nothing's on

Say that again, oh wait, can't even hear 'em Then right in the transparency mode I just like the customization And last but not least, of course there's gonna be a bonus after this, is how to turn off noise cancellation with just, hey, Siri That's the biggest thing with AirPods, we've seen it since the start

She's always listening, I mean, just right there I'm sorry, I promise, I'm not gonna say it, I'll just refer to it as HS so you know Turn on noise cancellation It's faster, it's better than ever So here we go, the bonus

So with it having noise cancellation, transparency mode, let's say you're jamming out in the new Pinch song and you're in, well, noise cancellation and all of a sudden you got to get in the subway, you want to actually talk to the pretty girl You're gonna hold down, you can hear a little bit of the environment, and then you really like her, worth getting the number, you're just gonna hold it and you can see it's off All with the force sensor, just press and hold, you'll cycle through the modes And what's really cool is, Apple I really think is gonna start to improve what the Bluetooth settings look like I mean, they might make you pay for it but here's the deal, you can customize on the left or right, if you don't ever use transparency mode you can just have it press and hold where it's just off noise cancellation

It's truly customizable but also pretty limited And that's gonna do it for the five tricks on the AirPods Pro you should know Probably seeing the three AirPods here, I've been seeing you in the comments, if you guys missed it on Instagram it's just TechSmartt, drop your IG handle down below as soon as you see this video Within about three hours gonna pick three winners of the AirPods Pro but only if you saw it, you really saw it make sure you guys drop a like if you guys want another, get subscribed if you're new, and I'll catch you guys next time

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