$43 Fake AirPods 2 – How Bad Is It?

– What's up guys, welcome to TechSmartt for a classic How Bad Is It where I got two pairs of AirPod 2s One's real and one's fake

And we're gonna find out what sets them apart But this video has a huge catch You guys know I made a video on four dollar fake AirPods If you missed that, it's right up there in the corner But in this one, they stepped it up with the second generation knock off AirPod 2s

The catch is it only works if you're an iPhone or iOS user And if you continue watching, you're about to see the game changed forever I have never seen this go down in a knock off pair before, and they got it I have two pairs of AirPod 2s You guys can probably tell already which is real and which is fake

I drew a Sharpie 2 on the real pair This is what you'd see at Apple And these are the XY Pods They go for 43 bucks I'll leave a link down below

And these are the fakes Before we check out both pairs of these AirPods, big thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this video with their brand new Shave, Shower and Oral Care Starter Kits For just five dollars If you guys wanna check them out, link down in the description I check them out later in the video or go to DollarShaveClub

com/techsmartt to get started Now on to the AirPods If you've been subscribed to the channel, you know there's been a bunch of AirPods videos I'll leave a link to the playlist up there if you wanna check them all out, we took them to an ecoATM to sell them Tried to get a few knock off pairs for four dollars

We've done them all and there's tons of different clones out there There's ones that have wireless charging in the case There's ones that have better battery life than the AirPod 2s We're putting it to shame and I'm finding you guys the best pair of AirPods that you're gonna need, and if you don't wanna front the 199 dollars for the AirPod 2s So in the real box here you get your pair of AirPods and then you get your lightning cable

So, that's really all you get with the AirPod 2s Now with the XY Pods, what makes these so special Well, as you can see there's wireless charging, two side calling, touch to open Siri, you know, some basic stuff you've seen in other AirPod clones before Except one big game changing feature It shows up as regular AirPods to your iPhone when you pair them

You're probably like, dude, what else is in the box? Slow your roll there, my guy You know lightning cable Still charges like the other AirPods but even worse, I just don't know how to throw things Now that both pairs of AirPod 2s are free from their boxes, on the left I have the 43 dollar fake pair Just so you know for the rest of this video

And then on the right, I have the 199 dollar, wireless charging AirPod 2s So, what makes these different? Well, when you look at them, the buttons on the front for the fakes and the charge LED is also on the front So if you wanna see how much is left in your case, you just tap the button and it shows you Also, turns off too which is kinda nice Now on Apple's, you have your LED at the front and then the button on the back

So same kind of setup, just a little easier on the fake pair Next is the magnet comparison This is always something big with AirPods Now you guys know the Three Tricks with the AirPods video If you missed that, it's right up here in the corner

This had cozzies on it Now these don't And when you click the case, (clicking) pretty satisfying It's the AirPod case noise But on the XY Pods, wait for it, (clicking) it's like they auto close

Well you can force it open but you can't It's so clicky (clicking) so, good to know your AirPods probably will not fall out if you drop them That's something I saw with the first generation AirPods If they ever fell out of your pocket they would just sprawl out on the floor

With the XY Pods, I've been using these for about two weeks AirPod 2s for about three Have not had the sprawl yet No, they didn't come out Wow! Wow! So digging into these AirPods a little more, let's see how different they are

They feel lighter for sure You can see the lights on the side There's gotta be some differences here So, right on the front, the reals on my right, fakes on my left, there's no dot next to the speaker right there And then, on this side there's actually a proper hole versus that just looks like a sensor

Get two prongs obviously where it charges up The AirPods, you don't have that cause it just connects around the outer rim So here's a little size comparison The XY Pods are a little thicker on the stem but not anything anyone could tell when they're in your ears These still look like AirPods right? So what really separates the fake AirPod 2s from the real AirPod 2s? And it's all in the specs in this one crazy feature

So on the real AirPod 2s, they cost 199 dollars, they have wireless charging, if you get that in the case, connect to your phone or device around 50% faster, have improved sound and Hey Siri compatibility, if you have an iOS device Now that's the real one The fake one doesn't have anything else outside of, it looks like AirPods, except instead of the H1 chip, they've cloned the W1 Chip in the first generation of AirPods and that's never been done before on any other knock offs And this works when you set your iPhone down next to the fake pair of AirPods It has that pop up like a real pair of AirPods

And you can connect, it says pairing confirmed It says XY Pods right there and that's really what's the game changer To connect the official AirPod 2s, just open up the case That's the difference between the XY Pods and the AirPod 2s With the XY Pods, you can't just flip open the case

You have to take the buds out of the case And when they're out of the case, they finally pop up and you can then connect That's pretty cool because unlike other AirPod clones and just other bluetooth headphones, if you pick up a cheaper pair, connect once, you never have to connect again And kind of a feature that Apple had proprietary just for their AirPods line So, that's awesome to see that someone and some company was able to get their way in there and clone it

With both of the AirPod 2s functioning basically the same, there's really only two things left Battery life and how do they sound So with battery life on the real AirPod 2s, getting around five hours per charge and 24 hours in the case So battery life is amazing It blows the XY Pods out of the water

But that's what you're paying for So no problems with the AirPod 2s The XY Pods, I'm getting almost three hours per use on one charge, and in the case there's a few extra charges It's nowhere near the same as Apple's But if you want a cheaper option, this is the best it can get

Now the biggest test How do the XY Pods sound compared to the AirPod 2s I mean, 199 dollars versus 43 dollars What do you really get? One thing that's kinda interesting and one that you probably assume is in the bluetooth menu You can't really customize the XY Pods

But one kinda nice perk is, if you swipe down from the top you can actually see how much battery life is left on the XY Pods Just kind of a nice perk And I think they have got it down to a science This is the best clone that I've ever seen But how do they sound

So got the XY Pods, putting them in my left ear AirPod 2s in the right ear Got Racks in the Middle by Roddy Ricch and Nipsey Hustle Rest in peace, Nipsey Hustle One of my favorite artists of all time, on the PBJams playlist

Here we go Okay so instantly, the AirPod 2s have more definition and more depth behind each note Compare to the XY Pods, the music just sounds loud You can still kinda make out what everyone's saying It's not night and day bad but if AirPod 2s are a 10 out of 10, the XY Pods are probably like a seven out of 10

Let's see if the AirPod 2s pause music You pull them out of your ear Course XY Pods Music's still playing

Any smart features? They're touch sensitive towards the top Maybe I gotta put the right one in to get Siri So play pause is controlled by the right XY Pod, not the left one I take it out of my ear Does it pause? No

So definitely something you get only with the AirPod 2s How do I get Siri? Do I hold it? Hey Siri, how you doing? So there are touch sensitive controls on the XY Pods compared to the AirPod 2s and automatically pause music once you pull them out of your ears So that's definitely something you want if you're paying extra money for But if you don't have it, do you miss it? Let me know in the comments because that is something I can't decide So last song we're gonna listen to is Goodbye by Cage The Elephant

Just something a little bit different than rap and bass So, let's bump this old gem I just gotta see if the other two songs were giving me some false positives on which was better They weren't I can tell you right now, they weren't

Okay, the results are in The XY Pods don't sound that bad but compared to the AirPod 2s you can definitely tell the difference These sound more balanced, little bit more definition in depth, just with anyone's music Comapred to the XY Pods, they sound pretty good Am I mad, am I upset that I didn't pay quadruple the price to get the AirPod 2s? No, these are a rockstar pickup and the fact that they got a cloned W1 chip, that is unheard of

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It's just TechSmartt And I'll catch you guys next time

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