3 AirPods Tricks You Should Know

– Hey what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmart for another video This one was kind of inspired by my dad

He's a big AirPods guy He kind of jumped on board a little late You guys know, these have been out since the end of 2016 So coming up on just over two years now And that means when everyone has them but you've obviously been subscribed and you've seen tons of videos on these

So in this video I'm gonna be showing you three tricks on AirPods you never knew existed Roll the intro (dramatic music) Hope the year's been really well for you guys and you have not lost your AirPods And if you have, welcome to the club This is not even my own pair

I have lost 35 pairs to date, since December of 2016 So, rest in peace And drop a link if you guys have AirPods I'm jus trying to figure out who has them and who doesn't have them – Sorry, I don't speak broke

– So in this video three tricks that you never knew about on AirPods And two of them are basically, well, they're ear tips And this is where things get spicy My dad actually told me these worked And he knows what it means to make a TechSmart video

Keaton here, so I'm with my dad So if it's not a hack, you guys know, my dad ain't coming back So, you guys be the judge in the comments if you like what my dad kind of put in this video And let's just get started And before I show you guys, if you missed the $4 AirPods, how bad is it, basically where I compare a free pair you can get on Wish to the $170 pair

Well they're technically AirPods, right? If you guys missed that it's up there in the iCard or link down below And links to everything in this video will be down below if you guys wanna pick them up Basically all of these are really inexpensive And kind of worth it So the first one is, this is just crazy, my dad told me about these

They're ear tips that fit perfectly on the AirPods And you're probably Keaton, you also have a pair that clearly don't fit on the AirPods I mean you know there's a case on it Just look at these, these hooks That just, that's just doesn't work

And that's what I thought But basically for $8 I don't know how much these go, links in the description $8 you get four pairs So if you have four people in your house with AirPods, these come down to $2 each

So this is what's sweet You take your regular AirPods that you have and then you basically need to spend five minutes trying to install these like ear tip parts If that makes sense It's like an ear, it's an ear hug It's almost like a cozy dude

Like can we call it a cozy Ev? So that was pretty easy Man the one that he had, well, nope, that's basically the one he had They just kept coming off They're really hard to install, but once you get them, if you like them, or let's just say the AirPods keep falling out of your ears whether you're running, that was my dad's problem at the gym, so this fixed it for him And they're fully compatible with the AirPods case

So you don't need to take these off You basically set it and forget it So the easiest way to get them on is start with the ear piece And then just kind of pull back And then just finesse there with your nails

So just like that they're both installed And you have three other pairs left So I'm sure one of the colors is you And when you put them in your ears it's nearly impossible to shake these things out 100%

And that's kind of the other pair here too If you guys didn't know about these, these fit perfectly in the AirPods case No joke It's a little difficult But you can just slide the rubber around to get it perfectly

Does this work? These are your AirPods I'm leaving these skins on your AirPods Or the cozies Cozies Boom

And if you don't like these, and you need something a little bit more substantial because you just got big honking ears, well you can now just rock and roll with the ear hooks They're not perfect for an AirPods case You'd really have to jam them in And I don't necessarily like how loose they are That's just weird

You really just gotta line them up perfectly I mean who's got time to take them on and do that I mean, it's not all that bad But yeah, I mean, it holds the AirPods in Virtually impossible to shake out

Not bad I mean you probably didn't know you could get cozies And they also fit in your AirPods I almost had it there Ev, do you think the, the big fake ear pods work with these? No way

If your ear holes are just this big, I think there's something else there And you might wanna get yourself checked out But like, no, no joke Like this works Dude it doesn't fit

It barely fits And it's cause the hook is going right up in there Wow These things are huge They'll fit with basically any ear pod, AirPod, or even fair pod

Fake AirPods So the next trick I know for sure you had no idea about because it's actually on your iPhone and it's basically the craziest thing I could ever describe It's a weird feeling for sure And it's definitely weird to hear yourself talk So that's a feature

There's an always listening feature where if you wanna cut all your music just throw these in so no one actually thinks you're listening to something And then you can still hear the outside world That now exists So how you do this is you go into settings Go into control center

And this is actually how you add more widgets If you wanna check some of these out Here's what I'm rocking right now And then basically you wanna go and add hearing So it's got the ear

You can see it, it's blue So when I swipe down, I have this little ear from my drop down When I tap this, it pops up something interesting I have never seen before in the AirPods menu, until now And I'm sure you're saying this too Let me know in the comments if you've honestly seen this before and why you didn't let me know on Twitter

Because that's how I had to find out Just TechSmart So check this out Live listen And now you can hear yourself

Yeah It exists You can become a spy Or if there's a lot of people around you You, they're not gonna talk to you

You look like you're on a meeting Talking with a big client Just kidding You're eavesdropping That now exists

So that's just something else kind of cool that I really enjoy and I never knew existed on AirPods And then really where things get super spicy is in the last trick You guys might have heard, but Apple's working on AirPower (laughing) Yeah, you probably have heard about it It's basically maybe coming out

We don't even know And that's talking from the guys that actually know That's how maybe this product is So I know Apple watches the channel Maybe bring it out because that would be cool

Because with AirPods the one limitation is you need to charge them with a lightening port and kind of in the future we're going to a world of wireless charging So a wireless charging Apple case would be sweet, right? Your iPhone XS Max Boom You know this thing's expensive Your new X10

Your new XS Whatever you have, even if it's the iPhone X, those have wireless charging And if you kind of just wanna live a minimalist life, your AirPods should wirelessly charge too Oh wait Ev, we did a video It's right up there in the iCard

This is kind of like an older product, but for $40, it's not a bad solution And you can see the lightening port right down there So you just line up your AirPods Make sure it connects Just like that, you have your AirPods in a case so they stay protected

It's also silicone so you know when it's going in your pocket And wow, just like that, the first pair of AirPods you bought, is the last pair you bought Because you still have them I knew I was in for it the minute I bought them Ev I knew I'd be 10 pairs deep within a month

So this is what it looks like And what's sweet is AirPods dock in perfectly Oh you can even sneak one of the cozies in there too And it's kind of one of those things that's hard to see but this wireless charger is plugged in So boom

You can see my XS Max is charging And then here's where the coil is When the light turns on, that means something was recognized on the wireless charger That's why I have this one for this type of stuff And you can see your pods are charging

So if you get a few of these, or you have a mat, like Air Power, that's why we need it, you then can just drop your phone, drop your AirPods Really just grab your keys And if your wallets on your phone, I mean, then you're just (dramatic music) a robot You don't need to do anything else And that's kind of when I realized these three tricks were perfect for you guys

So if you guys hear about anything else that's AirPods related, drop it below in the comments And let me know on Twitter, it's just TechSmart And maybe follow the InstaStory Because that's where all the sneak peaks of all of the new videos go That's gonna do it for this one

If you guys enjoyed it, make sure you hit subscribe by hitting that button down there Click my face if you wanna see my second channel Make sure you check out these two videos right after this See you guys next time

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