$278 MacBook Air Killer – Is It Real?

– Hey what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another video This one's really interesting because it goes for $278 and from what I've read, it's a Macbook killer, but we're gonna have to find out, after the intro

Roll it (electronic whirring) If you wanna check this laptop out, I'll leave it linked down below but what's interesting about this entire video and why I really wanted to check this out is the backstory, of course, right? It's TechSmartt So a few years back, I made this video on a $600 Macbook copycat I found a $600 Macbook knock-off If you missed that it's right up there in the I-card

That was the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air and it goes for 525 bucks and it had an Intel core M-processor, four gigs of RAM, 128 gigs of storage, Windows 10 Basically it was a laptop, and it looked really good But in this video, I'm checking out a new company that I've started to see pop up No joke, I have started to see this company name, Chuwi, which sounds an awful lot like Huawei I don't know why, that's just what's going off in my brain, and they got the LapBook SE

And why this is weird is a Macbook copycat, or a Macbook killer, whatever you wanna call it, they're even using the SE that Apple uses in the iPhone SE, so that's interesting But when it comes to a budget computer, or really a Macbook killer, it's gotta have a few things It needs to type well, it needs to be able to watch videos on YouTube, because that's basically all my life and um, more importantly, it needs to be able to play video games Not just any, but Word of Warships, and big thanks to them for sponsoring this video At the end, we're gonna go check that out

We got a 13 inch screen compared to the 125 inch screen on the $600 Macbook copycat video, so that's an upgrade 1920 by 1080, which should look pretty good It's running Windows 10, it's got an Intel Gemini-Lake processor Don't really trust the speeds on that

Four gigs of RAM and then 128 gigabytes of storage Is it? No, what? 64 gigabytes I swear, when I was buying this, I check this the 128 gigabyte option There is no way I did not check that 64 gigabytes is hard to live with so I guess that's maybe why it's so cheap

Ev, we're just here to put this to the test, aren't we? And vote up in the I-card if you guys would buy a laptop this cheap if it was good I feel like we're really close We had budget smart phones that took a while to get good, but now they're pretty decent You can get a really good phone for under 400 bucks This is interesting

And this is just the charging cord, so, charging adapter I will need another adapter 'cause I have, you think this is workin'? It's not workin' So, here we go The Chuwi LapBook SE Let's see what this is about

Okay So, we're fully started up on here and uh, the one thing I really can tell is the keyboard and track pad are not into me as much as I'm into it It feels like it's just slightly off Like a millimeter or two, maybe like a centimeter Even when you're just on the track pad, and this is plastic, by the way

Don't be expecting glass on $278, but because of that, it's just weird 'cause you naturally think, I mean, on the 2018 Macbook Air at least, that has a 13 inch screen, and yeah, is kind of expensive Like, what, $1,200, Ev? Definitely not 278, but when you compare the keyboards and the track pads, this is definitely the standard It's super buttery So what I do like is the backlit keyboard and this LED bar here It lets you know when you're laptop's on

So, let's play YouTube videos and see how good they look, Ev, because I don't know if I have a whole lot of hope in an Intel Celeron processor I mean, you got USB-3 port, headphone jack which is really nice, AC power port, mini HDMI And then on the right, micro SD card slot, headphone jack, and another USB-3 And what's sweet is on here, you have an M2 SATA port so basically you screw that thing off, you can add more storage

There's a webcam right at the top Dang, it's not every day you see that And the screen looks pretty good, but we'll find out when we basically get this thing cookin', so we're gonna type a little bit, see how the track pad is, then we're gonna jump on YouTube, finish it up with some Spotify in the playlist and basically from there, find out for $278, is this thing a Macbook Air killer? Let's start off this typing test We'll go with a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Okay

TechSmartt is a tech YouTube channel with 31, ooh, 31 million subscribers and that's it so maybe subscribe, plox Not bad I mean accuracy on this, you guys can look for yourselves

I'm hittin' all the strokes and I'm also typing a pretty decent WPM, so, did I just say WPM? Wuh-pum Words per minute, you know what I'm sayin' And the second channel, if you didn't know about this, YouTubecom/keaton Boom

Both those linked down in the description if you wanna get subscribed or you're already subscribed to both of 'em, because you're just on top of it So, with typing, I'd say it's pretty good I was impressed a little bit just at how weird the keyboard felt originally but just how decent it is at the end of the day, and you have a full function row here Power button A little bit of side action

Home button and page up, down It's not like you're getting that on the Mac, but the Windows button, function, alt I mean you're pretty much stacked on keys, and nothing's really cramped together, so you have nice spacing between each key, and I think that's why I'm able to type better on this computer in particular than the Macbook Air, especially the 2018 Macbook Pro, Macbook Air They're just killin' me Straight up, I'm typin' double letters more than anyone and you let me know in the comments if you guys are doing that on those, or if it's just me

Maybe it's time to make the switch Oh Wait, you're telling me this entire time it lit up on the back and you said nothing? What? Really? This is actually pretty cool Not even the Macbooks do this They got rid of that because they like the money

So we're going on YouTube now Ev, I think we got a pretty solid laptop We'll read your comments after this video and see what you think, but, maybe? I don't know, maybe, this could be a thing It said it had DDR4 RAM in here, I mean, four gigs of RAM, you think it could handle just typing and it's not the hotspot We are not saying that's the thing here

It's a little slow on just keepin' up, so, we'll watch the latest video Three AirPod tricks you should know If you guys missed that, right up there in the I-card You guys loved it Big thanks on the other one too

Let's see if this loads 1080p Yeah, it's distorting a little bit and, I wanna see if we're at 720 or, we're at straight up 1080 I'm sure you guys can see it from the overhead, but, even just looking at the picture here, it looks ever so slightly just not crystal clear And I mean 1920 by 1080 display, you guys would think, 1080p, that's not anything new so it should be able to handle it Let's go to maybe a different video

$99 fake iPhone XR, How Bad Is It? It's actually not super bad This is hard to tell Does it look better? I would say this video looks better on here Maybe we just messed up on the other one YouTube seems to be hanging out pretty well on here

Maybe it's just the TechSmartt channel I don't know, I'm done talkin' and inflatin' my own ego So let's try it out with Spotify and see how these speakers really are What volume are we at? Oh we were at 100% there? Could be a deal breaker No joke, that looks a little distorted

Could be the screen showing on the camera and it's not looking super good, but no, it actually looks like it's blurry Ev, get a close up on that for me It just looks, I don't know, somethin's off about it Just go listen to the playlist, link in the description while this takes forever to download Your phone's probably faster than this computer

So we got Spotify pulled up and big thank you guys for 7,500 followers on the PBJams playlist That's just amazing Never thought we'd get 7,500 or 10,000 so maybe we can hit that, but here's Bentley's Divinity Let's see how these speakers sound I like the computer

But this could be a deal breaker All right, it's not too bad I mean, it's pretty tinny It sounds like a phone in a cup, but other than that, I mean, it's not the worst pair of speakers on a laptop that's $278 So the last test is actually gonna be a game

Big thanks to World of Warships for actually sponsoring this video If you guys wanna check it out, link in the description and make sure to use code ACTIONSTATIONS2019 for 240 doubloons, a million credits, three days premium time, you know what it is, Ev Big thanks to them for supporting the channel so definitely make sure you guys check it out They have a Mac and PC version so this is more of the thinking man's action game You actually get to play as battle ships, cruisers, destroyers, and you get to use ships from real history so the USS Missouri, Arizona, German Bismarck

There's a lot of ships, Ev What's crazy is it's a little large of a file to download so keep that in mind We might not have had internet for three days but that didn't stop us, and if you guys wanna add me it's just TechSmartt, you guys know I don't always play games, and that's why you don't always see sponsors but when I do, it's something I like The game is running, here we go

So with this laptop only having four gigabytes of RAM and a processor that's basically a potato, and I think that's fair to say here So I'm trying to figure out, will this even be able to load anything outside of a YouTube video, maybe Spotify? If you're trying to watch a movie on here and it's Netflix, you better make sure your Internet's really good 'cause I don't think this laptop can do it Game looks really good on the 1080p screen, but man this laptop is having a hard time hanging in It's all about thinking and strategy so don't think this game's just gonna be a walk in the park You actually gotta think, and if you're smart, you're probably gonna win

I hope I can survive, even with a cheap laptop like this Take this ship out, there we go Boom, let's destroy it Team work makes the dream work in the seas, Ev Oh I wanted the big kill shot

Movie kill shot, a movie kill shot I think that's it Of course that's it The team got the W Dude, you know what it is

Link down in the description, ACTIONSTATION2019, get your million credits, 250 doubloons, and three days of premium time So (laughs) I think I gotta say, is the $279 Chuwi LapBook SE, Macbook Air killer, whatever you wanna call it, really a killer or something you should check out? Maybe, but I'm gonna say no For 278 bucks, I think the next generation's gonna be way better It did hold up pretty well, though I mean World of Warships, Spotify, YouTube, 1080p screen, it's pretty thin, pretty light, decent battery life

I was pretty impressed, so, that's it for this video If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like It took two days to make, and make sure you guys hit subscribe if you're new Follow on the Insta story, it's just TechSmartt, and check out the video after this See you guys next time

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