$20 Weird Futuristic Gaming Keyboard from Wish..

– Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another episode of Wishbusters, the show where we buy and try items here on Wish In this episode, we actually got a third camera and we're going for interesting gaming accessories

I'm so excited, interesting camera angles and gaming accessories so let's roll it (air whooshing) Now, before we jump on Wish, big thanks to Skullcandy's Indy for sponsoring today's episode If you guys wanna check it out, link to the Indy is down in the description Now, what's sweet about these is they're Bluetooth wireless earbuds, but unlike some others, they're IP55-certified So they're dust, they're water, they're sweat-resistant

They're more of the active wireless earbud These actually come with a gel tip and these gel stability seals So if you have small ears and small ear holes, these are gonna fit, and these basically fit everyone's ear now What's really sweet is with Skullcandy, the bass is a little bit more pronounced That's one thing that I have noticed

And of course, they work with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth And what's even cooler of, you know the battery life on these guys? For hours with the Indys with another 12 hours in the case, so 16 hours in total The touch-activated volume control and the price, (cash register rings) it's pretty sweet Check 'em out in the link in the description Let's get buying some interesting gaming stuff (hands tapping) on Wish

Now, we're actually getting into it We're gonna have an unlimited budget for the last three episodes of Season Two Count 'em down Let me know in the comments any other Wish video ideas you guys want me to check out here in Season Two Season Three is going to be an absolute game-changer

It's gonna look a lot different Let's just type it in Since it's interesting gaming accessories, I have to type in gaming (sighs) It just wouldn't be right otherwise We got a gaming keyboard, we got a skin for an Xbox One controller and it's free

I mean, $3 shipping on a free skin? Feel like there's some better skins for Xbox One controllers Pintilii, "Had very nice texture "I love it "I wish they had it for Razer controllers too "Had it for a long time

"Have to get" "Doesn't got the bigger controllers so check first "Arrived early, great for the value" Miriam, act like you like it I think I'm gonna like it too

We're gonna hit buy Ooh, all right Something kinda similar to a skin And you guys have probably seen in Control Freaks, the little extensions that go on the caps or the sticks of really any controller This is kinda like that, but I don't know if it gives you extra length

I think it's just more for grip For $2? Okay, look, it's a grippy silicone cover Exactly as described The thumb pads don't stay on too well but it's pretty good Okay? It's Wish, we're happy with half

He gave it a four star "Really good, it improved my gaming "Amazing for the price, I recommend it" For $2, amazing for the price Getting it in green and we're buying it

(air whooshing) Ooh! PC gaming This is something that I've seen expand as a category on Wish Of course, it's a marketplace, more products are gonna get listed to it, but this mouse has always caught my eye I mean, it has variable weights so DIY custom weight module, 20 million times click test Wait, 20 million times click test? Who sat there and clicked this mouse 20 million times? I really hope it was a robot, but you don't really know! It's Wish, you don't know where these products come from

For $14, great Ordered two more Alexandru-Daniel, "It's really great "I love how it works and feels" Darrell, "As a gamer, I have to give this thing "a full two-week period of constant use to fully test it, "and it's amazing

"I highly recommend using it" Okay We got three things in the cart Let's speed this up One pair gaming trigger mobile phone fire button game controller

It's playing my favorite mobile game PUBG for a $1, $2 shipping? All right Are people enjoying it? Iqbal, "Excellent, working on iPhone 7+" "Works great, very satisfied", Ales Farhan, "Fast delivery, two weeks earlier

" about five months ago All right, sounds a little sketchy but we're into it Four things in the cart Ooh, a PS4 external turbo temperature fan $8? $6 shipping

Flavius, "Just as described, fits and works great" Shawn, "Fits perfectly, has rubber attachments "so it won't scratch your PS4 "It is much quieter than the PS4's overheating fans "Auto kicks in at 38 degrees Celsius "I haven't heard the PS4's fans since "so it works perfectly

" Wow, that was a paragraph, $8, let's just throw it in Ooh, table and chair arm support rotatable hand mousepad wrist pad $7 Looks like the perfect thing to elevate my PC gaming lifestyle It's got your entire forearm, okay! And it's verified

"It's really nice after used it yet, "but I plan to update it" The things you find in these reviews You won't find them on any other eCommerce marketplace Brooke, "Pretty nice "Girls in office want one

"I think I need another "It's comfortable" All right, Brooke! Sounds good We're buying it in red We got six things in the cart

(hands tapping) All right, let's punch in iPhone gaming and we're gonna see what mobile gaming brings up Ooh! These are free, you can't really go wrong They're just little clips that go on the sides of your iPhone Does anyone in the reviews know what game that this works best for? I feel like PUBG would work John, "Like it a lot

"Came a few days early "I found it very convenient" Okay, that's a good sign Louise, "Pretty cool little device "if you're a game streamer, gamer, et cetera" But for the most part, outside of Louise giving it a four star, everyone pretty much likes it

It's free How much is shipping? $2? Okay, we can do that (air whooshing) Ooh! Gaming Mouse, $12 Classic gaming mouse, 16,000 DPI, seven programmable buttons Select size

Ooh, I'm getting a luxury $7 shipping, not a single person has reviewed this (Keaton sighs) Please review the stuff if you buy it on Wish How else am I supposed to make decisions? We're getting it in blue It better be sweet

Mechanical keyboard from Ajazz, $28 It's a wired mechanical keyboard Do you even get to pick? Black Switch, Blue Switch? Has anyone actually bought it? "A little smaller than expected but great "Typing feels amazing" "It's really good but the keys feel bulky as frick

" "Packaging was incredible, "keyboard is great too" From nemz We got nine things in the cart I'm feeling a few more items (air whooshing) One piece, three size, RGB colorful, LED lighting gaming mouse mat pad

I wanna get a 900-millimeter by 400-millimeter mousepad Why don't you pick the color? Best black, ash black, antique black, cool black, or just black Give me the best black "Good and fast delivery, good quality mat, "nice lighting" from Wei about a month ago

Taylor, "This is legit and goes perfect woth my setup!" It's perfect woth her setup! Maxwell, "It's lovely "I uploaded a video of it to all my friends online "I'm different "Gonna recommend this to all of them" Maxwell did write this two days ago

I know he's excited He did put the sunglass emoji with the rock and roll We're just gonna add this to the cart I'm gonna get one more thing 'cause we're getting a little fun I mean, it's interesting gaming accessories

(hands tapping) We're chopping it up Oh, yes! We found the most interesting gaming accessory: Fortnite charging backpack Day time, it's a white Fortnite backpack, but at night, it's a blue Fortnite backpack Whoa! $18, reviews, "Got the right one this time "Lol, son loves it!" So Alyssa also is dealing with the woes of Wish

"I'm in love with this purchase "My kid received it as a surprise and he is amazed" Daniel, "It's really cool and built good" It's built well, Daniel I'm making that item number 11

We're adding it to the cart $182? Not too shabby Let's see what actually shows up We only got around seven total products but for everything that's weird and in gaming and that's on Wish, this should basically cover it And as you know, with Wishbusters, we rate everything on a scale of one to five

We give it a score of Wish or Dish, basically tell you if you should buy it or if you shouldn't Up first for item number one, I wanna say this is some sort of keyboard Okay? (keyboard clacking) It does come with a brush, but don't really think we need that Then we have a mini USB cable, so taking a little back, a little bit old-school Plug that on in and yeah

(keyboard clacking) Just living in the 2000s (keyboard clacking) We're gonna test this out, play a little game at the end So while we wait for the Wish or Dish on item one, and maybe everything else because it is gaming related and I do actually wanna test it out, that's where Wishbusters is going We got item two? What is this? (items clattering) I actually forgot (beeps) So how this works is you basically take this screw and you put it up against the end of your surface, your desk, whatever you're using

So you have your chair, your keyboard, your monitor, and now you have an elbow guard Doesn't get any better! Product number three, we have hopefully something we can give a Wish or a Dish on, but this is for P4 gaming console So this skirting around here, I assume this is for PlayStation You have your instructions here Cool down your P4 system perfectly

For what I think, if you plug this in with the included cable to the USB port on your PS4 or your PlayStation 4, you should be covered Button on the side It's pretty easy Switch on, switch off Hopefully this works

(air whooshing) Now, for item number four, (plastic rustling) (techno pop music) ooh, we have the on-screen adhesive game controllers These just actually aren't even adhesive They're just kinda like rubber They just go up against your screen, whether that's an iPad, a tablet, a phone, doesn't matter, and they actually go right to center too These are so cool! Dude, PUBG

Item five, I don't even know if we have seven in this video Pretty basic one here You know the test is gonna be awesome (plastic rustling) I don't know if I'm strong enough to open this This Xbox One mushy grip, silicone grip, don't make your hands sweat

Maybe your hands will still sweat And included– (beeps) This and this and this, I hope everything fits (air whooshing) Item number six Okay, we've yet to have a Wish or a Dish So all this stuff could suck

(plastic rustling) Okay Gaming mousepad Ooh! So it's got LEDs, automatic memory, adjustable brightness I think we can test this one out (techno pop music) This really looks nice

You have your control panel right up here to adjust brightness You have your nice, long mousepad, micro USB cable So all you do is plug into the controller at the upper left Check out these colors! So we got some nice red going on here It's cycling through the colors

Blue, green, pink, purple, blue Wow, check that out! The entire perimeter, you have this glow stick Nothing really else to say, nice mousepad, nothing cheap This actually feels really nice, quality material that you'd probably pay a hundred bucks or a few hundred bucks for if you wanted a really nice and a long gaming mousepad, but this is perfect This is just multi-purpose

You could use this whether you're a gamer or not and just kinda want a lot of real estate that your mouse can glide on, this is it So scale of one to five, absolute five Wish or Dish? Total Wish This is a no-brainer Item number, are we on seven, F? We are on item number seven

This looks familiar I love this mouse I think this is one of the older generations because it is on Wish and it would not surprise me, 'cause the packaging does look older compared to (air whooshing) (beeps) The reason I think it's an older generation and I'm not just saying that, this is what the box looks like from the Wish, and well, this is the DeathAdder Elite box So two different mice, one's Elite, one's not

We're gonna find out and put it to the test what the Razer DeathAdder is like (sighs) I'm so excited Test that out on that nice gaming mousepad And now for product, last but not least, eight, we have what could be a mystery It's in a box, it's honestly the best for last

Before we get into the game, another mouse Ooh, this one looks much better than whatever year I love when I can do that This looks like almost one of the Cyborg mouses, or like one of the RA

T 7s It's not really customizable without getting an Allen wrench in there Huh Maybe it actually is customizable

You have the flathead screw on the back So the next thing I'm gonna do, fire up the Razer Blade, we're gonna play some Apex Legends and test out some of the PC accessories to find out if it's really worth it So everything's all set We have our mousepad, we have our customizable RA

T 7-like mouse if you do know gaming accessories, and we have our elbow guard here which surprisingly is nice I actually like the almost, it feels like a bathmat where it catches your elbow nicely but keeps it in place where you can still move it around It's just extra support and it just takes less stress off your shoulder, and longterm, that's good That's real good! Now, here comes the problem

Apex Legends servers are down EA, get it together! I'm tired of this Overwatch is just fine and dandy, isn't it? Yeah So unfortunately, I can't actually test out these PC gaming accessories Well, without a game, that's gonna work

(beeps) It doesn't really matter to EA So whether it's FIFA, whether it's Apex Legends, it's the same kind of vibe I'm gonna say for this mouse, feels pretty nice I can go on Googlecom

It's cool It's pretty fast, pretty comfortable Giving this a five out of five So this is an automatic Wish And giving this wrist guard a four out of five

It's pretty nice, although it's starting to peel It is from Wish Takes a lot of stress off your elbow and your shoulder It's pretty durable You're actually gaming for a while, I think this, this, and this are what you want

Now, where it gets spicy is how is the old Razer DeathAdder, or really the DeathAdder that's just not Elite, but it's still a DeathAdder? Oh, that's butter Oh, that's absolute butter I actually like that better than the other one so if I can give this a six, I would, but yeah, this is getting a five, it's an absolute Wish Really just like how light it is I know it's not as good but as an option on Wish

And of course, I didn't test it out on camera but the keyboard, it works I'm just really upset about Apex Legends 'cause I was expecting this keyboard to be my keyboard, and then just the servers are down Keyboard out of five, it's a four It's nice, it's not anything special It's a Wish, but I'm so upset

(bangs) EA, don't let me say this again Now, we're trying out something I'm really pumped to try out, these on-screen gaming controllers Let's see how these work So you basically just put 'em on the screen or the glass of the device you want I got PUBG fired up here, so one over the controller, and well just like that, I'm actually able to move

All I have to do is just kinda control my character But if I just drop it anywhere on screen, I basically have friction created through the rubber and I can control it That's a little weird Yeah, that is a little weird And now I'm getting shot at, so I'm gonna drop these so I can keep my ego intact

Here we go! Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go Can I make it? Can I make it? Can I make it? Can I make it? So there's one person left, here we go So there's one person that I can see, not one person left Now I got two kills without the controllers so I think it's pretty clear what's good and what's not Maybe it's just me

I don't think I'm actually that good at PUBG It also is on mobile so that's that's another thing I wouldn't use these, I wouldn't buy 'em, so out of five, I'm gonna give 'em a two They're a Dish These, they can just get lost

(air whooshing) All right, so behind us, we have a 75-inch 4k TV with Apex Legends all fired up We have what are really nice stick cushions that have these awesome grips that actually hold your thumbs in place So I'm gonna throw this silicone grip on this Xbox One controller It looks like for the most part, we're good All buttons are accessible, triggers are easy

It's got a nice grip to it, so crazy On the PC, servers are down, wifi is up On Xbox One X, I guess it's always up Woo! I really, really like this silicone grip with the thumb controllers too Out of five, I'm giving this a five

It's a total Wish But now, can actually something happen? Let's see if it saves me in the line of battle All right, here we go Absolutely nothing I have not played Season Three so if I go out early, it's because of that

(beeps) All right Opponents are marking, enemy over yonder Perfect! (techno pop music) Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah So far so good I'm able to handle really everything that you'd expect

Controller feels really grippy, really comfortable I like this I really, really, really like this I just would like it a little bit more if I could actually test out my skills (techno pop music) Boom, baby! (techno pop music) Just execution style, baby

Here we go (techno pop music) Oh yeah, oh! We almost had 'em, total Wish And of course, I could not forget the last product in this video is the fan for the P4 or PS4 So if you take a closer look right here, it's actually gonna fall off And I understand why it's on Wish at the price that it is

It doesn't stay on the back of your PS4 as well as you want it, but if you give it a little push and you plug your USB cord into the rear USB port, it's gonna create enough friction to hold it, and the fans are working How I know is (fan whirs) you can stop 'em You even have what is a turbo button on the side (fans whirring) and it actually turbos So I think this will cool my PS4, no questions about that So one to five, giving it a five

It's a Wish Wow, I'm shocked! Everything works, except the Apex Legend servers So that's gonna do it for this episode of Wishbusters Of course, at the end of every episode, we rate which product was our favorite It makes you vote up in the iCard right there which product was your favorite in this episode of gaming accessories

If I had to give it to one thing, hands down it's going to this mousepad It's probably the best buy on this entire video, so that's gonna do it for this one If you guys are new, make sure you get subscribed Drop a like if you guys want more Wishbusters Let us know in the comments what you guys wanna see for Season Three, and we'll catch you guys in the next one

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