$19 Cheapest Knockoff Smartwatch – Buying 5 Wish Tech Items

– Hey, what's good guys, it's your boy, Keaton here and I'm so excited because it's finally time for episode two of Wish Busters The show where basically I go on this site called Wish

You might have heard of it, drop a Like if you have And basically, I spend a bunch of money and hopefully stuff shows up It's a little risky and dicey Stuff basically on Wish is super cheap It's the stuff you find on Instagram or Facebook ads and the catch is sometimes you're waiting like a month for it to come

So we're gonna put it through the test Hop on wishcom and see what we find Also check the iCard if you guys missed episode one It was a banger, you guys crushed it and we hit like 50,000 likes

And basically the catch in there was if we hit a certain goal I would buy this crazy $500 gas powered scooter It was insane, that video's crazy, that's up in the iCard that's also in the description If I actually survive a ride on this guy woo (board creaking) You can hear that, it does not sound good I'm gonna stop plugin, we're gonna go on Wish

We're gonna plug Wish up with some money Awesome, so we are on wishcom You guys let me know in the comments how you guys feel And make sure you follow us on Instagram if you wanna see a sneak peak on the insta story

We do drop these, this is like the most requested episode we have What is that? That's like a hidden camera $14 cause you know they hook it up on the low That is crazy, so like where do you put it? I don't even want to know Well actually for $17 this says CCTV which sounds legit, has wifi built in, HD camera and I get it for $15 if I buy with Rosen

Rosen! Let me buy with you! Alright, let's read some comments here Arrived well early thanks I love the item, great purpose in my line of work James, what does that mean? That is the sketchiest thing I've ever heard Ryan, nice for the price

Ryan, gets it, that's why we're here Alright, so overall three and a half stars Sure, I'll give you $15 Alright, so item one's in the cart We're at $15, that's nothing yet

Let's see what else is good, what catches my eye You see a lot of interesting, up and coming products on sites like these What kinda phone is that? What, that's super trippy It's a fidget spinner phone, I can't believe it For $23, I'm kinda curious maybe another episode

Yes, that is awesome Slow your roll Keaton, find something else What is this? A Robot Floor Mopping Sweeper Mop Auto Cleaning Remover Dust I didn't even say the whole product name Buy with Shaquita for $45 versus 50 Shaquita, thanks for the savings, appreciate you fam

Are there any ratings? Oh my, packaging 20 minutes ago This product's selling like hotcakes It has two and a half stars Packaging was nice, my item came early, 13 days Alright channy, let's buy it

Alright so, we're on the main page now, let's try to go in one of these categories and see what's up Phone upgrades for $6, what is this? It's like a case for your Note 8 okay Wireless chargers, I'll give it to them, I really will They do have some interesting upgrades here Not bad, really cheap wireless chargers

Basically, they're giving them away, they're free I think I could find somethin cool if I looked hard enough Wow! What is this? This is what I'm talking about You're gonna find something interesting somewhere on this site It is a One Piece Technology Lovers Educational Props Toy, Manipulator Palm Synchronous Hand Bluetooth Control for $217 They want 195 if I buy it with Ardella

Ardella, what are you doin? Hopefully, you're making a video like me because you're goofin, you are straight goofin around I can't buy this for this video This is kinda expensive, basically $200 So drop a Like on this video, I gotta new goal It's a little bit more than the last video

If you guys really like this series and you want us to keep it goin Keep it in the goals, 30,000 likes, I'll buy this, we'll check it out Wow, alright enough fooling around I think I found something I'm interested in So Smartwatches on Wish are a big deal

That's kinda how this app blew up You can get a Smartwatch for like $5 sometimes, so GSM Phone Smart Phone with Camera Bluetooth Wrist Watch SIM Card Smartwatch for IOS and Android $22 I buy it with Peggy Peggy Peggy

19, alright ratings gotta be good Four stars, 4,000 reviews, comes early, comes early, comes early, was a gift, nice for the price Alright, let's buy that $19 They're basically giving away AirPods for free Next episode, I think next episode if we hit that goal we're gonna do an entire video on free stuff so if you could com for no money

Alright, let's get real, I think this is as real as it gets A microphone set, $32 Kelle wants it Fast shipping, haven't tried it Why are you even writing a review? Little static, but distance is amazing Alright, so apparently I can't buy with Kelle, but I can get the US Plug, the EU Plug, the UK Plug, or the AU Plug, that's so funny

Alright, back to the home page What is this, a 5D screen protector? Is that a butterfly coming off the screen? Oh, it's basically just curved And there's a knife going in it, that's cool I'm shocked that I don't see any like YouTube thumbnails or anything like just on here Oh, this game case is sick, oh this is sick

For $11, $9 you can have the Nintendo case on your phone That's rad, ratings are solid I bet, four and a half stars Next episode I bet I can find one for free I bet you I can Okay so this is kinda interesting

It's an Air Furniture Foldable Gas Lazy Sofa Bed Sunshine Beach Blow-Up Chair Park Sleeping Air Bag Environment Just kidding I can't read Equipment Waterproof for Travel Basically a hammock that you can lay anywhere $16, 14 if I buy it with Abbey Four stars 500 people have rated this

This thing is amazing and comfortable and huge Was easy to set up, great color, little hard to get filled with air Yeah, I'll take the risk Want the big one, give me the big boy, get it in, we're gonna get it in navy blue, $17 add that thing to cart How many items do we got? I think we're at five

One, two, three, fo, five So the total for this video was $230 Gotta few deals in there, I can't believe it So drop a Like if guys want that that hand to happen I'm gonna order this

I'll let you guys know how long it takes That's the whole thing with Wish, am I right? Hopefully, it all shows up, let's do this So it took about three weeks, but everything and some bonuses actually showed up So, we only ordered five items, but as you guys can see there are six items here So, Wish actually threw one in, we'll check that out at the end

So the first thing I wanna see is this Dual Channel Microphone Some static at a distance, I remember What! You get two microphones! That's sweet, okay, looks sorta promising The antennas up I think I'm secretly in love

My only thought is, it does need a speaker cable so I'm not getting a speaker I know a new mix tapes aboutta drop, Young Keaton here Check, check, yo, pop pop, biggity biggity, pop pop Check, check, check it out, wha wha what's it all about I'm gonna say it works

(bell rings) (static) So for item number two, I don't remember what this was But really only one way to find out right? If you guys want to check out anything in this video, I'll leave a link down below, by the way What did I order? Some massager? I have no idea Oh the vacuum Oh God, this thing

It looks like it's a champion already What is that? That is some nice, soft, I won't be cleaning your carpet anytime soon fabric Cookie Monster, hey I'm here to buy your stuff on your floor Let's see if this work

(vacuum sucking) You're kidding me (vacuum sucking) Do you think it will get out? Over under right now, will it get out? So some dirt's been laid down (vacuum sucking) Where you gonna guy? No, you haven't done a thing You've just moved the dirt The dirt's over here

Nice job, winner So I think this thing is not actually a vacuum, but it's just more of like a mop or a duster to keep the house nice and A1 Little disappointed cause now I got dirt everywhere I guess that's why we do this so you know and you don't lose $17 (bell rings) (static) So for item three, it's a Smartwatch

Always curious to check these out Works with Android and IOS, alright, looks kinda decent I mean they're all pretty much the same at just different prices right? Kinda nice, has a camera right at the top Kinda looks like one of the Samsung Gear watches Can't beat that, can't beat that at all

So here it is, the $15 Smartwatch, let's see what it's got Bluetooth, Bluetooth Dialer, Messaging You can put a SIM card in here and it will work Pedometer Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

And it's saying only four steps What else, Find Me, that's kinda cool Of course we can work the camera on here That's so sick Bam! That's a nice sneak shot, I can see you

Facebook's on here, of course Facebook's on here They're everywhere Twitter, What's App, man this thing's got everything Definitely a win (bell rings ) (static) Item four is kinda interesting, it's that spy cam that I first checked out at the beginning portion of this video

What's up with this, so mini USB to charge, looks super delicate, has wifi and an app Where could you put this, anywhere So this is what it looks like You have your battery, wifi module, and then your camera right there Wow, put this on a car

What are these caps? Are these like camera caps? Mic caps? I feel like an actual spy right now Should I go work for the US Government? Awesome, so you can just hot glue this cap on Dude, that's so sick So like this, it looks like a screw Well, unfortunately the white box didn't work

I'm gonna try to find a better spy cam just trust me on that (bell rings ) (static) So for item five, it's that hammock, that air hammock This looked awesome, reviews were amazing Oh, what the heck So what do I, do you have to fill this with air? Run around, fill this with air and that's how it gets inflated? It's like a tarp, literally it's a tarp

(tarp crinkling) I need some more wind Alright, so here it is filled up, it was kind of a struggle I had to go on a highway to do this There's just no freaking way, yeah there's no way, I'm getting lost in this (tarp crinkling) Luxury dog, so luxurious

Maybe on a beach, but this thing can't hold anything And last up, this isn't something we ordered or asked for, but I think Wish knows I'm a big spender and threw in a speaker maybe it was to compensate for the broken spy cam I don't know who sent this, it just showed up So let's try this out This thing looks like it's been through a war

Look at the USB port, it's just mangled It's so like crappy, I almost want to break it (plastic breaking) What's up, What's (IN)Side viewers, it's Keaton here What's up Dan in Lincoln, basically did this one for ya It's a crappy speaker

I know why they probably through it in No one ordered it So yeah guys, that's gonna do it for episode two of Wish Busters Make sure you drop a Like, if we hit 30,000 likes make sure to get that hand Make sure you hit Subscribe just by clicking the circle button and check out my last video right over there

Follow us at Instagram, that's where you'll see sneak peaks of the next Wish Busters Peace

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