$135 Fake iPhone 11 – How Bad Is It?

– Hey, what's up guys! Welcome back to TechSmartt for another episode of How Bad Is It In this one I have two iPhone 11 Pro Max's right in front of me, and your job is to guess right now in the comments which one is real and which one is fake

Let's roll it! (machine whirring) All right guys, so welcome back to another episode of How Bad Is It If you are new to this series, check the link down in the description to go to the playlist, or right up there in the iCard, whichever is easiest for you In this one we have iPhone 11 Pro Max's They just came out, they're getting right around that 60-day mark so you know we got a special video coming up at our good old friend the ATM vending machine So right now, we are going to do what we always do and make you guys vote

Let me know in the comments if you got it right Vote up there in the iCard which you think is real and which you think is fake We're talking just about the iPhone 11 Pro Max's, not TechSmartt's personality or social life, just the phones, all right, vote up there, let me know in the comments if you guessed square or triangle because we're not doing numbers anymore And of course if you guys want to check out the fake iPhone 11 Pro max in this video link down below, it goes for $135, (cash register ringing) found one on eBay and one on Amazon, so I'll link that one down below just in case it sells out Let's dive on into these things, so if you guessed the midnight green, and what is the we tried our best to make it midnight green, this is the real iPhone 11 Pro Max with the square and the one with the triangle, or the Illuminati, is the fake one

So as we always do it, we're gonna open up the fake one first, just seeing what we get so your memory's fresh with what they're trying to pull on you And the big thing with this series is the phone's new, the holidays are coming up, and just like every How Bad Is It, I'm here to let you guys know what is different, what looks funky, so if you pick one of these up used or on Craigslist at any point in time, until the iPhone 12 comes out, or whatever else they name it, this is gonna help you know what looks a little suss Okay, phone pops out So just jumping on in, we all know what an iPhone 11 Pro Max looks like, it's got the three cameras, got your USB wall brick, and then what is this? Not the air pods, ear pods Pretty basic, and not even a USB-C to Lightning Cable

That would be one way they could just change it up, and kind of fool you a little bit, a little tomfoolery Now that we know what's in the fake box before we even turn it on, let's just quickly jump on through the iPhone 11 Pro Max I'm sure you've already seen an unboxing This is the midnight green one Did I scratch it already? Just wipes right off

They didn't do a back screen protector, I think this is the first time in a long time Of course you get your Apple stickers, that's just one quick thing to note, if you don't find Apple stickers in the info guide booklet, things are looking pretty suss And then we got the 29 Watt USB-C, it's the new one this year, that's a dead giveaway to regular AC or whatever country you're in And of course you have your ear pods, just in a different case, more of a paper one, and not the plastic tin, so that's kind of a dead giveaway And then, of course, to complement your brand-new power brick, that's why I mentioned it, and Ev said he'd probably be fooled

But we got a USB-C to Lightning Cable in here, so that's a really easy way just to go ahead and charge maybe like 150 bucks, hoodwink a few more Now here comes the most important part that you probably need to know If you're legitimately wanting to buy one of these in the description, here are the specs of the Goophone versus what you probably already know about the iPhone 11 Pro Max So the Goophone has Face ID, wireless charging, question mark, we're gonna find out Read about that a little bit in some other videos and online, you never really know which model you're getting

A dual 5-megapixel camera I don't even know if there's a third camera on the back that functions, we're gonna cover one up and see if that works 2600 milliamp hour battery, single 13-megapixel camera Is that on the front? I think that's on the back One GB of RAM, 16 gigabytes of storage, a 1

3 gigahertz quad-core processor Now you know why I'm reading this from an iPad Pro, because I don't even know myself, then it could change by the time you buy one Dual SIM Android 70, it looks like a skinned version of iOS, like every Goophone, so it's good they kept that 6

5 inches And it's one of the worst iPhone clones that some people have ever seen Now let's come on over to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and of course you can skip through this and just go to the actual part where we turn these on 813 Bionic processor, wireless charging, 3969 milliamp hour battery, so the big boy versus the fake lil boy Four gigabytes of RAM, 12-megapixel wide selfie camera with a triple 12 megapixel camera on the back

That could be the biggest difference you need to look for when you pick one of these fake ones up, or a "used one" on Craigslist Dolby Vision HDR True Tone single sim, plus an e-sim and Face ID You ready Ev? Put the iPad pro away First time I've ever cheated So for the rest of this video, the one on your right, the one on my left, the one on my left and your right, iPhone 11 Pro, fake iPhone 11 Pro

Here we go So just looking at the hardware on here, both have pretty clicky power buttons, this one (button clicking) Ev, you hear it? It sounds like it's clicking

The real one? It's just more firm, it's more subtle, it's humble, versus flashy and gaudy TechSmartt verse every other tech YouTuber So checking out these cameras It's got a little bit of a hollow noise, versus a solid noise I'm not here to demise the integrity of a fake iPhone that's running Android, but we're gonna just turn these on and see what happens

It would be so cool if they just put USB-C Is the fake one not even gonna power on? I was holding it down (imitating car tires screeching) We're gonna pull over to the supercharger

I just wanted to find out if the fake iPhone 11 Pro has wireless charging Now before I put it down I should probably tell you, if it turns orange, it does read a wireless charging Qi coil somewhere inside Now what rate that charges it, I'm not gonna be able to tell you in this video, but just bring a wireless charger with you if you're looking to buy one of these bad boys So it's white You just were orange

Wow, it's defying the spectrum of colors Are you gonna turn on? Maybe we don't have wireless charging Now it's orange Compared to my regular iPhone Does it just stay orange or does it go off? These are the things you must find out

It's not looking good, it's not looking like it's a real wireless Qi coil Just stay orange, just stay orange Yeah, we're gonna have to charge this the old-fashioned way Confirmed, no wireless charging Whatever you are

Now that both iPhone 11 Pro Max's are on, and the fake one is actually holding a charge, let's check these guys out and see what's new Every time a brand new fake iPhone, or really just a new iPhone comes out, fakes obviously come up, and it's really interesting to see throughout the year how good they get So it's 60 days after, here we are Looking at just the settings, it's a little laggy I mean, you know what the iPhone looks like, it's pretty simple on iOS 13

But let's see what trickery you might not know about Hitting About iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 121

1 If your iPhone is running, well, iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max is running iOS 12, run for the hills, or you might have got a secret special device that you might have found in a lucky charms box The toys be crazy this year All right, well, doesn't really look like there's a whole lot else, just if you're not running iOS 13 or you can't update, you're probably in trouble No indication if there's Android 7

0, so I guess that that's just a given, 'cause Android 80 and Android 90 and even Android 10 have yet to come to the Goophone All right, well, let's try out Safari I always say that so weird, Safari

Got both phones fired up Now keep in mind, the Goophone takes a little bit to recognize which orientation and just which direction it's being held in, so let's really just watch everyone's favorite YouTube channel, see how this keyboard is Well, kinda good Maybe it's me No, it's definitely not me, I hit an s there

And sure, we'll watch the new video that apparently no one saw What? There's a OnePlus 7T ad (imitates retching) Oh, sorry I got sick there Sometimes ads on YouTube, they make me a little queasy Here we are, let's test out these speakers

Full volume, sort of Whereas on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can see the volume indicator from up there Okay, so at least the control center's somewhat normal It's pretty laggy Here we go

Hey, what's up guys, can't work an iPhone here Smartt I tried, I tried (TechSmartt videos playing on phones) Screen resolution I'll say is no greater than a 1080p panel You let me know in the comments what resolution you think this is, I couldn't even find it in the specs It's improved, they've come over the wall, and we're now in 1080p land for really all the fake smartphones

Now of course on the iPhone 11 Pro Max (TechSmartt video playing on iPhone) Do I always spit when I talk? All right, well let's see what the camera looks like, we're just gonna keep going through it as we usually do on How Bad Is It, so we got photo, portrait, pano, video, slow-mo and time lapse Time lapse is one word, and it's hyphenated on the real one on my right, and then time lapse has a hyphen with a dot, because, well, an ellipses is the only fitting word, because it's just too long of a word, you just needed two extra letters and you would have fooled us All right, well let's do some videos Test out that 13-megapixel camera

All right, bleugh, yikes (phone pinging) Gotta love that noise, one's the subtle ding, the other's, your doorbell's been rung Okay Saw a comment the other video, where someone's like, you never seem to get older Well, actually, I'm not just a baby that was born on a pallet

We're constantly being tinkered with I'm a science experiment Confirmed, this has been my confessional (phone pinging) One looks like I'm forever blue, and could be in the Blue Man Group The other looks like I'm just trying too hard

And I said it a little bit earlier, we gotta check out to see if there are three cameras There's only one way to find this out What if I put my finger over this one What, there is only two Okay, here we are

Ev, ready, steady Is there one finger over one camera? Wah doo So that means, Ev, if we put our finger on the last camera Oh no, there is only one camera! But we are going to say there's three I'm so intrigued

What quality is this? Even when you hold the phone in landscape, it doesn't even rotate the time And another thing you have to look out for is the app source One of the easiest things, whether you're at the Starbucks, the Dunkies, doesn't matter, just fire open Wi-Fi, connect to a safe one, and then let's see what the app store presents us with The charts just have every version of the Japanese hit app, LINE I love LINE, every time I go to Tokyo, Shibuya, you have to just use it, 'cause none of your friends wanna use iMessage

But, oh no, I don't think this phone's from China, I take it all back For some reason, the Japanese app store is just taking over here I have never seen in any How Bad Is It, you can be the judge if you hit the link in the description and check the playlist, on any one of these real versus fakes with an iPhone, four Japanese LINE apps ready to be installed You pick your version, doesn't matter, you could go with the latest or you could go with the worst All jokes aside, we're gonna try to download it, I'm not installing an account or setting up an account

You have to install an account on a phone like this It's just a little bit more than your standard commitment, putting a ring on it And the way it downloads, look at this It's like a progress bar on the app Apple, I think that could be something cool, but a little something iOS 90

Think the only thing left to do is see if the LINE app downloaded with or without an account Nope, you still gotta make one We are not doing that if the safety of whatever email that I just made, and really want to keep protected, I think we just try out Face ID and you know exactly what to look for on this How Bad Is It Didn't even give me a fight, didn't even give the iPhone 11 a fight So even with Face ID, you're not even rotating your face, you're just holding it up, and that's a pretty blurry image from what I'm seeing

I'm gonna rip the screen protector off, 'cause at this point there could be a camera in the display, not above it For the sake of what's left of this phone The first scan complete, now I'm supposed to move No, don't even move your head in a circle, it's gonna complete it for you I think all you had to do was just pop open the Face ID app at the Starbucks, and know if you're getting hoodwinked, it's gonna be pretty clear All right, just for the jokes of it before we get on out of here, let's see how Face ID looks from the Goophone 11 Pro Max Now it unlocked, that was not even a test You're vibrating 'cause you can't find my face

Jeez, now it's unlocked This has been the iPhone 11 Pro max, how bad is it? Pretty damn bad! So I said earlier in the video this phone did not have wireless charging, that's because trying to restart any phone from anywhere in the world probably won't be the best with wireless charger But you can it see here, you heard it here first, the LINE app now showing up as I rotate the iPhone 11 Pro Max that's from somewhere in this world around Wireless charging somehow did show up All right guys, that's gonna do it for this episode of How Bad Is It, iPhone 11 Pro max edition

If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like, if you want another episode, make sure you guys get subscribed so you don't miss that episode And I'll catch you guys next time

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