$120 Fake iPhone XS Max – How Bad Is It?

– Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt, and this is a super crazy and special video, kind of like all videos, and the reason is for one of them we got Ben, so Ben's on the camera right now – What's up guys? – And right now he's actually gonna be the overhead camera to give you guys more details

This is a special video because this is a $121 fake iPhone XS Max how bad is it? The series you guys all know and love Last year I made a $125 fake iPhone X how bad is it If you missed that, it's right up there in the eye card or link down below if you wanna check it out and get all caught up to speed But in front of me, we have a real iPhone XS Max in gold that just came out We're in Australia, we picked that up

Definitely check out that playlist right up there if you guys wanna see more content on that And then a fake iPhone XS Max that I picked up online for $121 So let's get down to it and see what the key differences are You guys know what this series is about, so sit back, relax, we're gonna have some fun So this particular fake iPhone X has a few similar specs and different specs and we'll just get started

So on the box, definitely make sure to check out the back This is always gonna be a key difference that you need to look for The stickers are out of line, or if things don't seem to be even, so iPhone X Plus? There's no plus, it should be called the Max The image on the box is also something to note On the real XS Max, it's kinda got this new earthy, trippy kind of color look

It's more purple, it's more yellow, but checking out the fake one because this is the one that you guys really want to see and the one that I'm super excited to check out See how good it really is You know, every year they do get better So opening this up, we have some info, kind of like normal What do we get inside? Just a faded tips guide and a sim card tool

Then the fake iPhone XS Max and I actually got it in white Not even the gold one, but the gold one is available if you guys wanna check out You know where the link is Let's see what accessories we get We get some EarPods in a tin

Whoa, I thought it had a headphone jack It actually has a lightning connector, so Kinda interesting, the fakes are getting better And then a super sketchy, doesn't look very trustworthy or good So now to check out the real iPhone XS Max, the one in gold

The one thing to really pay attention to is the front image Make sure it's kind of this globe You won't be able to see the notch on the screen That's what Apple's trying to hide It still exists, just you won't see it on the front box

So when you look at the back of it, you're gonna see everything pretty much makes sense iPhone XS Max, EarPods with lightning connector, and then obviously XS Max gold, and then the gigabyte capacity All the stickers look to be in line, pretty much proper This is the real phone So let's open it up

You got designed by Apple in California So you get a hello guide, this actually should pull out and you should be getting three separate tabs So good to note Then we got a sim card tool, love when they include these, and then the Apple stickers Always good to know when these come in, although I think I have just way too many

So this is what I've been really excited for The iPhone XS Max, so this is it in gold We'll check this out, we'll compare it to the fake one, see what's up So here's what else we get in the box Basically, I'm in Australia right now

If you're in the US you're gonna get one that looks a little different Then we have this new style of EarPods It kinda wraps around

It's not that plastic thing like before, so keep that in mind, and then a cable at the bottom Now it's kind of the fun part Let's turn on both of these phones at once and see if they look alike So actually, vote up in the eye card real quick which phone you guys think is real and which phone you guys think is fake, number one or number two, and let me know in the comments if you guys guessed right This is what both phones look like, and honestly, they both kind of feel pretty similar

I thought when I first picked up the fake phone, and it of course is the white one, so if you guys got a sneak peek at that, you did guess right Fake, and the gold one is the real one Now there are three colors to keep in mind You have the silver, the space gray, and the new gold one this year so that's just for the XS and XS Max, and they basically feel the same They look the same on the back

There's no new markings or anything in particular saying it's a 10 S or XS Both say iPhone on the back, so that's one thing you're gonna definitely have to be careful of Cameras look pretty much the same, nothing new to note On the sides here, volume buttons, mute switch, test out the buttons If they clicky, that's a good sign

Both feel pretty clicky, so not that easy to distinguish Both kind of weigh the same, which I'm really shocked with Last year's iPhone X in the $125 fake iPhone X video, it was really light and cheap and you could kinda tell, but this year it basically feels the exact same in weight So let's turn these things on and see what looks different So the fake phone should be running Android 7

Kind of powers on with an interesting boot screen There shouldn't be a bezel on any fake phone It should just be all screen That's kind of what you're paying for Both of these have a 6

5 inch screen, or so they say The real one obviously does The fake one has this kind of interesting black border that goes around it, so weird that there's kind of this shadow on the corners of the screen Guess that's what you get Fake one is finally booted up

It says open wi-fi and networks available, iOS system, so swipe up to unlock It's kind of laggy and slow Keep that in mind when you are checking this out, before you hand them your money or you go ahead and leave the deal Obviously on the real one, absolutely butter when you go ahead and swipe up So we can just go right into I guess taking a selfie

We'll see how good these cameras are So on the real one first Then on the fake one Not bad (camera shuttering) (camera shuttering) Not bad at all

We actually tried to charge up the fake iPhone XS Max and to kind of our surprise, it started to charge and now it's no longer charging, so the final battery on this phone is at 20%, so we basically gotta rush through this video, no joke Here we go, let's fully get into this because it's actually pretty interesting between the real XS Max, the fake one, and the differences So at the bottom, you can immediately tell there is an antenna on the real one compared to the fake one where there is nothing And then when you go to Maps, this is crazy What is this? When I go to Maps here, it's just regular Apple Maps

If you just click the Maps app, it should take you to regular Maps and not something, I think that's in Mandarin? I don't know, let me know in the comments if you guys know better Obviously another thing is the App Store Sometimes it's cloned really well, other times it just sucks, it leads to the Play Store I gotta give it to it, the App Store doesn't look that bad What do you guys think? Just kidding, we got a Facebook popup

I think we know what the answer is there, am I right? Let's exit out of it So let's check out Find My Friends and see what this looks like Powered by amapcom So that seems to be the GPS and map provider on the fake phone compared to the real one, which uses iCloud, so you can obviously sign in there

Just swiping up does not feel natural at all See what we're at for battery percent 14%, we're just fully going here Gassin' it completely from 100 down to zero and empty This phone probably will never charge again, so let's enjoy it while it lasts

So normally I would try to watch a YouTube video on a fake phone compared to a real phone, see how the screen is Camera looks pretty good, but I'm just gonna see if the YouTube app works on here This app isn't compatible with your phone I can't even watch a YouTube video, so I'm just gonna do that on the XS Max and see how good it looks, 'cause why not, right? Let's see what the TechSmartt giveaway video looks like I'm giving away four iPhone XS Maxes in gold so if you guys want to check that out for three million subscribers

Thank you so much, by the way We're almost there Definitely do that, link down below or up in the eye card Crazy stuff, here we go Will YouTube even load? This phone's gettin' so hot

Don't even know what browser this thing's running It's lagging ridiculously hard I got both giveaway videos queued up right here No ad on the fake one Kinda likin' that

I can't full screen it, it's that fake of a phone It doesn't look all that bad On the real one obviously it looks much more crisp 65 inch OLED screen, that's amazing on the XS

I don't think you can look at colors fully Just try to see if you can get the YouTube app Basically, I think you guys can fully tell what makes the phone real and what makes it fake It's laggin' a whole lot here, and that's kinda what makes it a fake phone, and you can't even charge it So as long as you can charge it and download YouTube and the camera doesn't look that crappy, I think you're in good shape

So this is something kind of interesting to note, and actually, bring your laptop to the Craigslist or wherever you're doing this deal, basically plug the phone into a computer, because this is gonna be a dead giveaway if it's a fake phone or if it's not When I plug it in, you guys can see it says do you want to trust this computer? It says trust or mistrust It actually should say trust or don't trust, and that would be shown on the real XS Max if you were to plug it in to a computer So while the regular Fortnite is downloading on the real iPhone XS Max I actually found a Fortnit Battle 3D in whatever app store this is I don't even think it's the Google Play Store

It's some own version and I had to plug it in again This phone is starting to die So graphics don't look, yep, they look actually pretty bad It says Fortnite Battle Royale and has a pretty high res icon at the bottom What? It looks like a bootleg version

It looks really good It looks like low res graphics to make you not believe that it has high res graphics So it looks like there's a fake Fortnite game There's no way to really cancel out of that, so if Fortnite doesn't really exist and take a long time to download, kinda like you see here, it's two gigabytes, that's definitely a good sign that your phone is probably fake As sad as that is, it's true

It's a fun game, you might see me on there just TechSmartt, but man, does this game take forever to download I guess that's a good thing So Fortnite finally loaded up We're gonna hit play Fortnite just looks too good on the iPhone XS Max

Time to see if we can get some kills We're getting ready to drop We're gonna go where everyone else is going, see if we can get a kill Definitely looks like it's pretty good quality I would say it probably looks as good as pretty much any other display with good graphics

No way, no way, I got a kill with my pickaxe, Ben Whoa, no, well, I got a kill with my pickaxe So as you guys can see, I got one kill on Fortnite on the XS Max I had a lot of fun, graphics look really good I definitely think graphics on the new XS and XS Max are gonna look amazing with the new A12 Bionic chip

That's definitely new this year for the iPhones So between the real versus the fake, outside of this one needing to be plugged in to a computer because it's still pretty hot and it looks really ridiculously fake, you're gonna be able to tell just by plugging this thing in, looking at the settings, and honestly messing around with it for about five minutes which phone is fake and which one is real But that's it for this video If you guys are new, make sure you hit subscribe by clicking that button right down there and check out two other videos right over here of a drop test and water test on the brand new XS and XS Max It's crazy, you guys are definitely gonna be surprised

That's gonna do it, and I'll see you guys next time Peace – Thanks for watching

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