$12 Gaming Headset on Wish? – I Bought $264 in Wish Thanksgiving Tech Gadgets

(electronic sound effect) – Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special video, kicking it off for season two of Wishbusters So in this episode, to kick it off with kind of a special because that's what we're doing now

This is gonna become amazing, and thank you guys so much for loving Wishbusters season one Seriously, thank you guys for dropping the likes, gettin' subscribed, and really just staying in tune with it Definitely make sure you're following on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt, that's where you'll see the updates and the behind-the-scenes But in this video, we're gonna be checking out all the Thanksgiving gadgets and tech Let's go on Wish

Let's kick this off So in this video actually, since we don't have a turkey, but we do have a Starbucks – [Woman] You wanna go to Starbucks? (dog barks excitedly) – Starbucks actually has these holiday paninis, but Ev, for Thanksgiving, because we're giving thanks to you guys, You got your turkey action in there This is amazing, and by the way this video is not sponsored by Starbucks at all, don't even worry about it It's the holidays, Ev

Mm So good By the way, Strange, the merch If you guys haven't checked it out, it's just Strange on Instagram Super easy

So let's get into this video So I'm on Wish right now, and basically what we're gonna search for just Thanksgiving-themed gadgets, and products, with the whole intent of trying to get the fastest shipping and get this here If we can make that happen and honestly Ev, a miracle's gonna need to go down We will be thankful, literally thankful I haven't eaten in like a day

I'm thankful that they had 'em in stock So let's see what we can kinda find Let's go to express cause, of course, we're gonna need to get these products ASAP, Ev We're going to just search up Thanksgiving See what we got

Ooh, look at these lights Select size, you get 20, for $3? Alright and by the way everything's linked down below, if you guys wanna check it out, and make sure you hit up that iCard for previous episodes and last season If you guys didn't check it out, get caught up before watching this Or just kind of watch it along And definitely make sure you're subscribed

We'll be dropping one of these almost every week I'll keep you guys posted on Twitter, just TechSmartt And here we go We got some maple leaves, Ev, that are LED Okay while we're on here, it's saying headset when you type up Thanksgiving

75 percent off Ev, you can't beat that (people screaming) For $8 I'm gettin' a gaming headset I don't know if you guys know, but I've been gaming hard on the PS4 Pro Ooh if you guys missed that Black Friday video, definitely make sure to check that out It'll be right up there in the iCard, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is amazing

My PSN is just RealTechSmartt Add it up, play with me I'll be streaming on Twitch real soon Blue and white, you never know what color they're gonna give ya 12 bucks? Easy

Alright, so, we got two items in when we searched for Thanksgiving Let's search up turkey and see what happens Alright, somehow we got a turkey hat? I mean Alright It's sold out

(crying) Alright, I'm gonna add it to the wishlist You never know Wishes do come true It's well, Wish Welcome to Wishbusters

We busting the wishes, we're making the wishes Ev, happy Thanksgivin', my man Happy Thanksgivin' to you guys (lost signal sound effect) What? Whoa I mean, it makes sense, but, I found it

Ev, a crossbow Can you believe it? – Do you think one's gonna show up? – For 37 bucks Crossbow I mean, just look at how sharp these darts are (scoffs) Alright, I'm gonna put it in the cart

You never know sometimes We got three things in there We got 15 minutes left before the deal expires We gotta keep, wait, there's a mini crossbow? (scoffs) Takes toothpicks Toothpicks

– What in tarnation? – Alright, definitely for another video, you let me know in the comments if you want me to do like a mini weapons kinda Wish video, I don't know, drop a like, maybe if we hit like 25,000, we'll do a specific video for it Make sure you guys vote up in the iCard which is your favorite item I think that's my clear winner, and we got a lot more to find So, also when you're thinkin' about Thanksgiving, a ghillie suit Honestly, everything here is sold out

Added it to the wishlist, but, a ghillie suit Can we even find another one? To spell ghillie Boom There we go Alright, $15

Ghillie suit You never know what shows up Camouflage is the only colorway, Ev Go figure, right? Ghillie suit Camouflage

Makes sense Checks out $15, boom, addin' that in We got a lot of Thanksgiving stuff, I mean, you're covered if you're huntin', you're covered if you're gamin', you're covered for the house We have four things in

What else? Just want the iPhone cases, gimme some, a laser projector Makes sense Also for the house, boom Got your maple leaves, now you got your projector Select a size? US

Comes fast Black, 19 bucks Lasers? I'mma buy it You? So this video's taking an odd turn, we got ghillie suits, we're basically going hunting Let's see if we can find a headlamp

Gets dark out there, Ev You gotta find the, whoa Boom It's verified so you know it's comin' fast For 15 bucks

Yeah, gimme it, gimme it in red Whoa, whoa, whoa What'd the other shoppers say? William, came sooner than I thought, looks good Allan, love the bright light, just what I need for night fishing He gets it! Allan, you get it, dude

KD – But who is KD? – Kevin Durant? Is that you? Better without the middleman Everything that was mentioned, and two days early delivery I found was true to the product Sounds promising, KD

The Wish gods are finally recommending me exactly what I need, they know I'm going camping, possibly hunting, we need a backpack Basic nylon outdoor backpack, Ayana, I mean, you know I love buying with the other shoppers Sold by Harry That just seems like, I can't really trust it I gotta find a backpack

Outdoor backpack? Boom Let's get it in camouflage 30 liter, 14 bucks I trust it I trust it, Ev, do you trust it? Orlando, good color, good material, just came in time

Toua, fast shipping feels great, gonna buy another one She's gonna buy another one, Ev Smaller than expected, but big enough Looks great, quality is good We're set

We're set, these reviews are looking good, I'm feelin' good about this Wish video This Wishbusters, Ev, it's gonna be the greatest Wish Thanksgiving ever You gotta get crafty with your searches on Wish, I mean, it's like, Thanksgiving gadgets, then it's Thanksgiving tech I came across a lamp This is a moon lamp, Ev

It looks like the moon Thoughts? What do you think? Ev would get it For eight bucks, you can't go wrong It's definitely a different piece Select size

Gimme the moon Gimme that 12 centimeter moon 12 bucks, 13 bucks Buy it with Milli, 1170

I'm takin' it up on this one Yeah, Ev, I'm only savin' a dollar and 30 cents, but it was better than the dollar, 40 cents I make no sense Honestly, no sense at all Quality's great, nine days ago, exactly as advertised, my sweetie will love it, perfect Christmas present

Came in a nice box as well Mady, that was a little TMI there Don't need to know that much Brad, just perfect, exactly as I envisioned, packaged really well, daughter's Xmas present We're shoppin' this early? You guys know how to do it

You gotta buy it early, it's gonna take a few weeks, it's Wish And then it's gonna show up Will probably buy another for someone else Alright, everyone's buyin' another, I just wanna buy one 13 bucks, added to the cart, we got nine things in here

218 bucks, let's shop a little bit more, and of course, you know, I've got some family comin' over for Thanksgivin', I wanna get some good Wish tech So I'm gonna get a bubble maker Make that a bubble machine Gimme somethin' cool Alright, we're goin' with the 36 one, just 'cause it has two reviews

Ev, these better be good reviews My daughter loved it Thanks, Robbie (cheering sound effect) Very descriptive, ya sold me So for 264 dollars, we have everything in cart

Says it's gonna come by December Alright, let's wait a little bit, we gotta order this stuff Hopefully it comes in time So it took about two weeks Everything actually did show up

It's crazy how magic works Well you're thankful, right? So here's everything, all 11 items actually came, which is crazy and kind of like a Wish first It's great to start the second season off on a great note Ev, all the items came I can't believe it

So, we're just gonna jump in and start, I guess with this, so, this is the turkey hat Some of the things you see online, you don't actually know if it's photoshopped or a real product That was what I was thinking, I didn't think this was real But that's why there's reviews So what we're doin' is starting off a brand new rating scale, wish or dish, out of five Ws

The turkey hat, for $14 Ev says it's a must I'm givin' it three Ws, so, it's a wish, barely, barely, it almost became a dish It's expensive You can really only wear it once, maybe twice a year

I mean obviously Thanksgiving, you have that entire week, but really after November, if it's not Halloween, it's just not cool So for item two, it's the moon lamp, this goes for 13 bucks Ev, you and I both said we'd grab this Let's see if it really looks like the moon I haven't been there

Maybe we'll get there Okay, the stand Just the noise of styrofoam Ev, do you like the noise? He's cringin', I can see him squirmin' back there So this is the moon

USB cable Pretty easy, so you, I've never said these words in my life You basically need to plug your moon in, (laughing) so, plug your moon in like that I imagine it sits, you run the cable through, sits on that stand Just like that, you can kinda see some of the detail, some of the pores of the moon

It's really detailed, for $13 What? Is it on, is it working? It's too hard to say Is there an on or off switch on the moon? Wait, it's already charged? – You tap it and it turns it on – No way – Tap it again and it changes color

And then you tap it, it turns off – Dude, thank you so much, helpful Josh – Yeah, I heard it, and – So, your moon is already charged? That just makes it 10 times more fun You don't need to show a cord So check this out, to turn it on you just, tap the bottom Ev, check that out It's a moon

You want a new color? It's October, it's November, boom It looks like it's just basically 3D printed Look at all that detail Yeah, it definitely looks like the moon 5 Ws, all day, every day, this thing is a total wish, not a dish

Putting this in your room, anywhere in your house, it just works, and the wood stand? It's kinda minimal That's really cool Obviously you guys are probably wondering, item three, we know it's the laser light show Whew, didn't think this was actually gonna show up But what's goin' on with the crossbow? We're gonna check the crossbow out last

It's the most dangerous I need supervision – Adult supervision is required (laughs) – This is so scary, it actually showed up We'll open it up at the end

Here we go with the laser light show, so, item three, very mini laser projector, okay It's got a little bit of setup, gotta put this arm on it, so Oh, whoa, that's sweet, you can screw it in somewhere? Dang, Wish has got you covered, from the screws, to the mounts It's like they want you to put this on everyday objects that don't need a laser light show, but would look really cool if there was one Dude, what if you put a laser light show on your car? That would be a really bad idea

So for 19 bucks, let's see how this mini laser projectors, just got a DC port on the back Oh Don't make eye contact (girl screams) Ev, can you see it? It's hittin' me in the eye You can kinda just prop it up

I see why there's a buncha holes to mount it somewhere You need to put it somewhere, it just doesn't, doesn't feel welcome just on the table Does this stand up? Whoa Check it out So you guys can get a little bit of a sneak peek on the table

Imagine this just projecting Let's turn it You guys let me know what you think Let me know in the comments, make sure you vote up in the iCard with your favorite item from this video We've gotten a lotta good stuff this episode

So the mini laser projector, out of five Ws, this is gettin' a four, so it's an automatic wish For 19 bucks, it works Not bad Whoa, ow Item four are the maple leaves, they were $3, basically they're a must or a bust for Thanksgiving

This is either gonna be awesome, or there's no point, this is the biggest waste of $3 ever So, has kind of a long cord You can pick the length So, LED maple leaves for $3, okay They work

You can kinda put 'em places Let's put 'em somewhere Oh, that's kinda cool That's actually really cool They're so simple, they're battery powered

You could really hide 'em, but, I mean, they're not really hidden, 'cause they have a light, you know? Yeah, I mean, aesthetic (crowd yells) So, on the wish or dish scale, these are gettin' like, a three, eh, they're cool, but for $3, I mean, it's $3 So the gaming headset, for $12, did it work? So it didn't work, actually This would work for a PC, but for PS4, PS3, this is not happening, and the reason is, I mean, there's a mic, there's a headphone jack, and then there's a USB port On a PS4 controller, there's none of that, there's really only one port for headphones

So, not working, didn't even transmit audio through it They're comfortable, for $12 they're cool, but, two out of four Ws It's a dish, Ev (interviewer laughs) (boy laughs) (boy cries) – Aw, don't cry, are you– – If you weren't sold on the $3 maple leaves, or the laser projector, you still want somethin', you're still wantin' somethin' for the house, boom, or the apartment, you got your bubble machine $36 for this

It better have bubbles inside No, there's no bubbles No No, I should've expected it, but I didn't believe it – No, god, please, no

No No (shouting) No! – With the bubble maker, didn't think I was actually gonna get bubble, bubble liquid, bubble solution, but just with the power of a switch, you have a bubble maker Wish or dish? I'd say it's definitely like 4 Ws, it's pretty cool But, I think it's just a little too big for it to be practical, it works, it's worth it

It's definitely a wish Look at that fan It's like an industrial bubble machine – Wow – This looks to be the ghillie suit

So this was $15 You guys know the Wish prices, they're always changing, goin' up and down It's linked down below, you guys know where it is But a ghillie suit, we are fully becoming a hunter Is that the shirt, or the pants? That's, that's the hat

We got the full dang thing All on Wish Imagine just buying this, or trying to find this in-store? You'd have to go to, like a few different (laughs) Whoa, alright, definitely the pants We have the jacket and then the hat

And that's the crossbow (lost signal sound effect) Whoa, you get everything with this See, this is the rare finds you find on Wish That's why we make this, that's why you guys wanted a second season What, no way

No way, Ev I can breathe That's the most important part, I can breathe But, like Alright, if I was laying in the grass, Ev, totally honest with me, here, it's a yes or a no

Do you think you would see me? – Ev's sayin' no I don't know if you guys are just hearing a voice right now, or if you can see anything, but, I'm still here This is the greatest $15 ever spent Wish, dish, absolute wish Five Ws, too

I'm gonna wear the ghillie suit for the rest of the video You won't find me (laughs) Next up is a headlamp, so you're startin' to see the whole Thanksgiving vibe, if you wanna blend in, you gotta go get some food for Thanksgiving It makes sense, it happened one point in time You're gonna need a headlamp, so this is $15

Seems like a pretty heavy duty industrial headlamp Look at that, three bulbs That's three separate people, Ev And then, it's just, does it charge? Oh, that's so sweet Boom, charges up, there's a USB cord too? Wow, they've got you covered

Is there battery, though? I just pushed the batteries in Oh, those are some big batteries too, Ev Those are the big ones I feel like a scuba diver, for some reason, I'm gettin' mixed emotions I can't tell if I'm on land, or if I'm in the water

I'm goin' somewhere Alright, so the headlamp Oh, that's actually really comfortable Just sits against the forehead It's nice

It articulates, you can move it down, if it goes above your eyebrows you're good, on your eyebrows, it's all comfortable It's accurate, too, I mean, it's on your head, so wherever you look, it'll follow (laughs) Okay, I feel like a lotta you guys are just gonna hate me It works, wow, I'm really shocked For $15, five Ws, absolute wish, no dish

This is the backpack Took a little bit to find one, happy it showed up Whoa, we got a pretty decent sized backpack, I mean, if you're runnin' around in, like, an airsoft fight Man, this would've been amazing, if Wish was around when I was young, whew Man, Ev, even sayin' that sounds old

(laughs shrilly) Dang Not a bad backpack What could you fit in here? You could fit your bubble maker, fit your headset, you're going hunting after all, right? Gotta blend in, Ev If you forgot your ghillie suit hat, no worries You'll still blend right on in

Put that in the bag I mean, this is like 40, 30 liters? It's hard to measure with Wish, but, it's not bad, little compartment for an ID, maybe some coins, no laptop sleeve No tablet sleeve A little tablet, maybe? A little tablet, Ev? What would you put in here? – Camelback Nice little water bottle, boom

Stay hydrated, alright, backpack, four out of five Ws, that's a wish These things work And now, the moment you've all been waiting for The crossbow, it's here, even the darts showed up So, $8 for a pack of, pack of darts, it's kinda hard to tell how many there are, I think it's just a 20 pack

$37 for the crossbow I can't believe it actually showed up – Yeet! – So, here it is The crossbow What do you think? It's not loaded, don't worry

The safety's right there Look at these darts, look how sharp that is So to cock it back, you press down on this, it's actually difficult, but, I mean, it's a crossbow So once it is cocked back, and it takes forever to do it, you have to just push down on this lever after you've held the button, and make sure it's pulled all the way back You have your sights, not bad at all, I mean, $37, did you think anything was gonna show up? I didn't

Disengage the safety (spring-loaded bang) And just like that Imagine this on top of this, flying that fast My heart, I am scared, I don't know if you guys saw the fidget spinner ninja star video, I'll leave it linked in the description or in the iCard They don't spin as, ow, that hurts so much

That was cool, but you can throw that and control it This, if you pull the trigger, will launch this Okay, sounds cool So here we go, the $37 crossbow with the darts Now I just gotta say it now, be extremely careful with this

So we're gonna shoot the TNT pillow first, see what happens Safety's on, safety's off (spring-loaded bang) (Grand Theft Auto death sound effect) Where'd the dart go? The tip is right here, so, I'm gonna say it went in the pillow We had this bowl though, and I think if it makes contact with the bowl, it should basically bust open all these caps, make everything go flyin' (spring-loaded bang) So you guys can get an idea of how fast this sharp dart is traveling

Like, look at that Look at all this damage My plan didn't even work The real Red Dead Redemption (spring-loaded bang) Here's, obviously, the shaft of the dart

Here's where it made contact, this was the entry point Actually I think went over and through, 'cause of the angle I mean I'm not here to tell you guys aerodynamics, but I am here to say, this $37 crossbow Wish, dish? Five Ws all day, this is the greatest thing I have ever bought on Wish, but the scariest thing So that's it for episode one of Wishbusters, Thanksgiving edition

Let me know in the iCard what your favorite item was For me, I gotta say it was the crossbow Safety is on, just gotta remind myself This thing is crazy I never thought you could actually get a crossbow from Wish that would work, that definitely could do some damage

It is a crazy, crazy product Everything in this is way crazier than I actually thought, and that's just Thanksgiving for ya So that's it for this video, if you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like and get subscribed by clicking that button right there Make sure you follow on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt, so you guys see the behind-the-scenes, there's a lotta shows comin' up, workin' really hard, this is your favorite series so thank you guys so much I'm actually really grateful for you, on this episode

And make sure you guys check out two other videos right after this, it's some older episodes, and I'll see you guys next time Goodbye (electronic sound effect)

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