$101 Fake Samsung Galaxy S10+ – How Bad Is It?

– Hey what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a classic episode of How Bad is It? If you guys are new to this, I have two Galaxy S10+'s, in front of me and Ev one of them is real one of them is fake But we're gonna find out how bad the fake one really is

Didn't think I was going to catch it Let's roll that intro (dramatic techno music) So if you're new, make sure you vote up in the I-card which device you think is real and which device you think is fake We have device one, and then device two, but what's interesting about this video, is that this fake costs $101 So if you want to check it out, link's down below

And the reason we make this is to make sure if you buy a used device on Ebay, Craigslist, whatever it is, maybe a year from now, maybe three years from now, whenever you're watching it, you don't get scammed and you know what to look for And here are just a few simple tests that you can put any device up to and basically find out what to look for Here's your one stop shop So let's get to it For a $101, which is real, which is fake

If you guys haven't seen any of the Galaxy S10 videos, I'll link that playlist right up there in the I-card When this showed up, and this is the second one There was some white stickers on it, obviously to get it to pass through customs Don't actually know how this one showed up I say it with every device, so basically every video, but for $101, this is the fake one and we're just gonna jump right in and see what we get

There was no slide, there was no top This was basically it Nope like, there was no jokes there And this is what the device looks like So if you find in any Galaxy S10 or S10+ with this kind of front sticker, and then of course the Olympic Sticker on the back, you know it's not anything good that you want to be getting yourself into or your money into

But with the three cameras right on the back that's what we're gonna put to the test and see with that being a new feature on the S10 and S10+ how bad is it on $101? Accessories This really thin piece of paper Basic accessories included It does charge with USB-C With the fake S10 we're gonna put this one to the side and jump into the real one here

Seems like all the ones on Ebay, that's who hooked it up this year with all the Samsung stuff We're gettin' it, we're gettin' it Don't even need a knife (beep) So it seems like Ebay, and all the phones on there have this free SD card, so this is what an S10 box should look like Same with the S10+

Has the S10 kind of white stamp, or whatever color device you have It's color corresponding with the font So, Ev, white phone, plus, and here she is So this is the Prism White, not the ceramic one The would be the move

You know what to expect Wallbrick, OTG, AKG headphones, and then a USB-C cable With these clones and fakes, they're always getting better So whenever you see this video, the link down in the description should stay updated and for $101 you get to see like different colors and variations So on this particular model it is a 6

3 inch screen, and compared to the real Galaxy S10+, that is a 64 inch screen, so that's just something to look out for Eight gigabytes of storage with one gigabyte of RAM So always interesting to see what actually shows up And for the colors, this is what caught my eye

It comes in gold Gold isn't one of the colors they offer on the S10+ It only comes in five colors that you'll probably see and then two ceramic versions that are a little more expensive Prism White is what we have here and gold is not really an option You have this Canary Yellow, but you can definitely tell it's yellow and not a gold from what other models have had in previous years

So with that in mind Ev, for $101, oh, you can go all the way up to 16 gigs of storage Takes an SD card so of course you could expand it $117 bucks and then for full on tech specs, for features, Gravity Response Ev, don't you wanna know when gravity's working and when it's not working? (whimsical music) Scares me every time Wireless charger, Back Camera, Google Play Store

So we'll test all that out, and then you have Face ID? I think that's and iPhone feature? Interesting to see if they're gonna have the Ultrasonic Fingerprint, the in-screen fingerprint reader that the real S10+ has, because that's definitely a distinguishing feature And well, we'll just jump right into it I mean, I think the only thing really left to do is see how bad the fake clone really is So with the screen protectors on there, you gotta take 'em off and it always seems to be just I think time, but no one's really trying when they try to make these and making it look somewhat accurate So obviously I got one in black, they don't make one in white

You guys saw it on the site But with the three cameras that's one of the big things to look for this year on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ If there's anything less than that it is definitely a fake, or it might be a Galaxy S10e Probably not though if you're watching this video So with this, nothing really else is on the back

You can tell the corners are really curved compared to the S10+ Looking at the thickness, the fake is about 1 1/2 times thicker I'd say a little heavier than the real Galaxy S10 Things that you would definitely expect, you have your volume buttons on the side right there, and then the Bixby button, everyone's favorite And then what is kind of interesting is the power button's I would say is near the cameras for sure

Compared to the fake one which is a little lower, and oh, there isn't that whole punch in the screen So that is one thing to definitely take into account Now at both phones are unboxed, we're gonna put them to the test with three apps The first one that is kind of a dead giveaway is if your Galaxy S10 or S10+ doesn't have the in-fingerprint reader, or the Ultrasonic Fingerprint So that basically means, instead of having face unlock, which both devices support, this one calls it Face ID though you can actually just rest your fingerprint at the lower third of your phone and it should unlock

So to find this, just diving in to settings, at the top, see if it's even supported Going down to biometrics and security, fingerprints, add the pin, continue, and as you see on the screen, just resting your fingerprint up against the phone The one thing I don't really like and why I've actually been using the S10e, is the fingerprint reader is on the power button which is on the side of the phone, versus in the screen And for me I just like that a little bit better So that's interesting, it took a little bit of time to find but there actually is a fingerprint mode

So just rest your fingerprint Okay Fingerprints are both recorded But before we test that out, just looking at the time On the fake phone, this is just something interesting to put in

Try to put in your local city and see if it finds it For me it only comes up with Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen So I try Los Angeles, it pops up, but then it doesn't really pop up But the clock is just a widget that's pre-installed, you can of course get rid of it, but on the S10+ it obviously finds it So that's kind of interesting

Let's see how well this fingerprint reader works I'm going to try it with my left thumb Well it unlocked with the wrong thumb So I don't have a whole lot of hope It just really works if you press in while you also lay your finger on the sensor or just screen

It works with basically any finger So fingerprint reader, not really And then on the S10+, you just kinda press in a little hard It's still really responsive and fast on the S10+ Bezels, no hole punch

How is the camera? Might as well find out right? With the fake first And then the real one How to they stack up? Not too bad The fake actually looks the best that I've ever seen But obviously compared to the real one with the 10 megapixel and the eight megapixel camera that's gonna stack up, and then of course, there's three on the back

So next up is the Instagram test where we basically record an Instagram story and then there's a mode where you can upload directly to Instagram stories, through Samsung and Instagram's new collaboration Compared to the fake phone, there's a convenient record button right next to the shutter So let's just give this a whirl So go check the quality out right after this video goes up It's just techsmartt at Instagram

Let's see how these upload So on the real phone it automatically starts playing your video without audio, but you can turn that up And then to upload it you should hit this kind of triangle button There's one on the fake phone at the top Oh, that's good

It says publish right to your Instagram feed So one big telltale sign, because of the Instagram, Samsung partnership announced at the S10 event, is this whole share to the feed or story mode And this makes it supper simple and also kind of helps polish off quality It's not as good as an iPhone, of course But it's not as Pixel 3 or even Google Pixel grade, and that's what I was kind of hoping for when I first jumped into the S10e

But what to look for if you're picking up a phone is this Instagram icon right here, and it will obviously say, share to story or feed So if I hit story, automatically goes right in, queues it up I don't want to hear it, so you guys go vote what you think looks better, compared to this It just shares to the feed, instead of the story So, not totally off, but definitely a telltale sign

One big thing that I think is the clear giveaway with all fake and clone devices, especially of the Samsung origin, is these bezels So if you guys missed it, in the S9 How Bad is It? I'll leave it right up there in the I-card Same kind of setup, phone just looks a little different on the software side We're gonna see how the speakers sound and I think that's a good test to see if they've improved I mean, obviously you're gonna need to answer calls, if you still do that, probably want to play some music on YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify

So why not have a good playlist? Alright I'll leave it linked down below The PBJams playlist It's updated every single Friday, and we're gonna fire it up YouTube Music Both looks pretty good, I mean, screen resolution on the clone I'd say is no great than 720p It's not the best looking, it's definitely legible, like you can see what's on screen, but it's no Quad HD plus screen

Like the S10+ blows it out of the water, and you'd expect it, but it's not bad I'd say maybe even 1080p I think 1080p is safe to say Just looking at the pixels and you can tell up close that there's fingerprints on the phone, but, yeah, doesn't look all that bad We're gonna start off with the fake device first

See how that sounds So full volume Here we go Slushii, see what you've got this week (techno music) ♪ Intruder alert ♪ – Oh wow That's louder than I thought it'd be, but not anything noticeable over previous years that's like worth mentioning to you guys

It sounds like a fake device So let's see how the same song sounds on the real one This should blow everything away, like microphones included (airy techno music) Sit tight Buckle up

It's going down It's way better, but how much better? (techno music) Definitely louder Can't be terminated Okay (techno music) Let's hear it

♪ Intruder alert ♪ (techno music) – I think the phone's gonna break there Wow, that sounds way better, as you'd expect But much louder than previous years Like, there's something up with these S10 speakers Might just be the plus here, but they sound really loud

Like way louder than I was thinking The last test we're putting into all How Bad is It?'s going forward, is testing out how good the clone really is So we're gonna be using the Geekbench 4 app I know, you're probably going off in the comments right now, saying, "It's not the most accurate app" Sometimes manufacturers actually boost the metrics up because the phone knows it's running that specific app

So for specs, the one on the left has eight gigabytes of RAM, the one on the right should have at least one gigabyte of RAM But that's where we're gonna find out if there's any surprises So accept it, CPU benchmarks, okay Android 9 four cores So you see, they tried

They tried to get that quad-core in there, but only one of the clusters is running You guys just want to see the score That's kinda what I want to see Let's let this thing run, do it's magic This test is blowing the other phone away

This is the test we should've been doing from the start Both Geekbenches have finished up and it's really telling just with this test, and obviously why it's gonna be in every How Bad is It? going forward, is how telling the score is between the real phone and the fake phone So on the real Galaxy S10 we have a Single-Core Score of 4500, and then a Multi-Core Score of 10673 673 doesn't mean a whole lot, but compared to the fake phone, 415 on the Single-Core and then Multi-Core, which is the four cores working all at once, this is TechSmartt right? A thousand So not actually, yeah it's a pretty big deal

The phone's usable as a fake phone, but don't expect to be gaming too hard, watching too many videos I think you could maybe do one thing at a time? Compared to eight gigabytes of RAM, and that's what RAM really helps with, you can multitask and do anything you want And with Samsung's decks you could plug the Galaxy S10 or any of the S10's in and use it as a computer Imagine 12 gigabytes of RAM in that Ev Uh-mag-in

So to answer this video's question, how bad really is a $101 fake Galaxy S10+? Pretty bad I mean for a $101, you're getting sort of what you'd expect in a phone, but like most How Bad is It?'s, especially with the Galaxy S clones, it's not really that much You're getting a phone that works, that can watch a little bit of YouTube But with the Galaxy S10+, what I really like about it is the full 64 inch screen, having that Ultrasonic Fingerprint built into the screen

It's pretty cool and compared on the fake, it's there but it's not keeping your device secure So do these really compare up? Not really Just the price And now you guys know, if you are buying a Galaxy S10 on Craigslist a little early or at some point in the future, what to look out for, because these things really aren't changing It's gonna take a little bit of time

We're close though Guys, that's it for this video If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a thumbs, get subscribed if you're new, and join too, to become a member It's super cheap, and there's one bonus livestream in every single month that you don't want to miss out on So that's it

I'll catch you guys next time

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